Realm of the Undead, top 100 guild.All tasks completed weekly. Come chill with us. No event requirements, no gold expected until kingdoms levelled . You dont need discord. You just need to have fun! CLOSED FULL


Help I can’t pm you.

LIANNIS_V1LW AND thank you!


Let our masteries power up your teams


All tasks plus LT and 40k seals last week.
Well on our way to the same accomplishments this week.
Want to play with an awsome group, have fun and get the rewards?
Join the Realm of Awesomeness
Only one spot available
PM me for more info


A rare opportunity to join our team.
We have one spot available.
Don’t miss out, we are awesome :sunglasses:


Have a family a job, go on a vacation now and then?
As long as you communicate we respect that real life comes first.
We complete all tasks, get 40k seals and hey, it’s a game, the object is to have fun.
Did I mention we are awsome? :sunglasses:


One of our long time members has decided to take a break from the game ): we will miss him.
We have one spot available
PM me for more info


Hi i’m level 1067 and my Kingdom is level 10, what’s the guild contribuition request?


We ask that that everyone contribute fairly based on level. It seems to work :slight_smile: most give between 300k and 2 million + We have a few still levelling and so ask for nothing from them.
Hope you can join us,


Muito invite code is


I am away from the game right now. Will shoot you an invite shortly


Would love to join if you have any openings. LVL 222 still leveling KD; but a daily player, 1500s,75k, 125tr weekly. Really looking for a guild that many chat daily, and participate. My current guild has very litle and its frustrating.


Sorry we are now full.
Check posts on forums or hang out in global chat, look for a guild with no gold requirements until your kingdoms are levelled.
Just don’t join a random guild, chances are they will be dead or mostly inactive.
Good luck and I will let you know if an opening comes up.


For the first time, in look at that, exactly one month we have a spot open.
Join our awesome team now!


We are full!


Sadly one off our long term team members is leaving us due to the demands of work.
We have one, potentially two spots available



I’d like to join your guild if you still have any spots available. I’m level 263, still leveling kingdoms though not far away from getting them all to lvl 10. I’m active and have no problem with contributing my share for the guild. That’s also the problem with my current guild, many people in it but very few are active, so I’ve started looking for a new one and hope to find a place here.



We have just welcomed Capca to our awesome team
One more spot available
Come and chill in The Realm


Bump, bump :sunglasses:


Still looking to complete the Realm.
One spot available, zero gold requirements until all kingdoms are lvl 10.
Want to? :sunglasses:


Come play with the Cool kidz.
Sunglasses required but discord is not :sunglasses:
One spot available