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We are Rank 50 at the moment and are starting to get into the swing of things once again.

Our requirements are based on your Promotions “Rank” within the guild.

New recruits UNDER level 500 are required to give 50,000 gold, 25 Trophies and 500 seals.

Next tier are for level 500 plus and/or Up to Commander rank is 200,000 gold, 50 trophies and 1000 seals

Sentinel rank is as follows 350,000 gold, 200 plus trophies, Full Seals and guildwars and event participation.

We would like people who are dedicated, loyal and looking for a guild to help you grow and help us grow in the leaderboards together. this week we finished ALL tasks and 2 legendary tasks, thanks to the amazing new recruits we have gotten in the past 3 weeks. we hit a low of rank 53 and are now 49 again…if you want to be a part of a top 50 guild without totally insane requirements. PARIAH is for you.

Once we replace the non contributers we will be doing at least one to two legendaries at least, and will EASILY climb the boards while being casual/competitive.

We will possibly have 4 openings tonight, we have some noncontributers that aren’t pulling their weight, But I am not kicking until I have loyal replacements…we are now climbing back up the leaderboards at out lowest rank of 53 now at 49 once more and are about to overtake 48…So if you’re level 500+ preferably level 1000 or think you can hit our requirements at lower level, please reply here or drop me a PM @wishkiller on psn.

Still Recruiting, almost ready to overtake another spot in the boards.

Still needing a few good players. Almost hit a legendary task last week. first time in months…So we’re moving on up.

we are only a few dedicated players from completing all tasks and unlocking legendaries…we are poised to start climbing the boards if I can get the noncontributers replaced.

Hello there. I would like to join if possible.
What are your requirements? (since your original post dated from back in may, they might have changed)
I’m level 1000+ and just left my old guild that i was part of, for the last 400+ days.
I’ll do requirements, but i don’t want to change my ‘attack team’. That’s why i left the guild (invasion and raid boss exception since the game dictates what are the cards i can use).
PSNID: Asmodeus-Dagon

requirements are the same as you read, I will add you in a few, Welcome to PARIAH

Just send me your invite code.

I already sended the invite code on the message you sanded me earlier on Ps4.

I’m interested in joining. I’m level 1000+ and I can meet your requirements easily.

My code is oight

Sounds great, I will add you shortly, Welcome to PARIAH.

It says user does not exist, you need to hit options on your map screen and tell me the digits after the underscore, Please send your code to PSN Wishkiller and I will add you right away,

Still Recruiting, If you have any questions Just ask or contact me through PSN I.D WishKiller

Remember guys, this is PS4 recruitment. had FOUR already from PC answering this.

Still Recruiting

Still recruiting some DEDICATED players…insure yourself a spot in a top 50 guild and reap the rewards.

I would like to join, not really cuz the rank of the guild (something i dont really care about) but more cuz i guess you lot reach enough seals weekly to get better cards from guild boxes.

It’s kinda frustrating barely get to 5k when 1500 are yours lol (and that just last 2 weeks, before seemed i was the only one playing and yes, i am right now in one of those guilds the game show you to join, aka dead guilds :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Requirements arent really a problem seen for example this week am right now at 1,5k seals, 350+ trophy, 120k golds (lately the leader lvl 1200+ became kinda active again and is dumping hundreds thousands on those so it’s kinda hard for me, right now min you need to dump to get anything is 100k and am still raising my kingdoms to lvl 10).

Am lvl 235 or so now, need some infos though, when i leave a guild what happen to the my seals? they will stay, disappear or just get reduced? also, what i gotta do (other than leaving the guild i am in ofc) to join?

My ign is Miciobestia.


you need to leave your current guild and send me an invite code. and just to clarify…this is ps4 recruitment.

and as far as I know you keep the seals you earn.

Still recruiting!

My invite code is MICIOBESTIA_DETJ

Am gonna leave a msg in guild chat and leave guild in about few mins.


We’re full now.