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Level 425 looking for a guild

Hi, i’m currently in a guild who’s ranked 6x but whose members are not really that active so i’m looking for a more active guild.
I can contribute a guaranteed 400k-600k per week with 200-300 trophies and 1500 seals.
Ideally i’d like for a top 50 guild without dead members, where everybody contributes and where more than 10-15 members participate in weekly events(GW, raids, invasions)…

@xikinho My guild is currently full and do believe Wishkiller’s is as well. Can always poke him and see. Hopefully one of them sees this and messages you back. Much luck and I’ll poke a few in a bit here on PSN. Though you might get responses before that from others here on the forums.


We have 3 slots welcome. Rank 36 PARIAH would be glad to have you.If interested send your invite code to wishkiller on psn.

Hi Just for Fun has 2 open spots on Sunday .

We have a spot open if you still need a guild. Were rank #33 . We complete all tasks on a monday as well as numerous legandarys.