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Rank 3 ps4 Moshi Monsters Guild looking for low level Players

Looking for low level Players to join my other guild.so I can donate all my gold.To level you up.make you stronger.then you will have the opportunity to join my rank 3 guild. When space comes available.which happens on a weekly basic.iam a very high active Guild leader which contributes all.You got nothing to lose but every thing to gain.

What server are u on I want to learn to tank and am starting a new warrior

Playstation 4

Invite me I play daily

Moshi you still taking low recruits? If so I may have one or two players to send your way. :slight_smile:

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Yer cool I have 2 spaces left.thankyou

send me an invite I am very active a play everyday my code is MERLIN_RKAF

Invite sent

Guild doing really well 28 out of 30 members already.still looking for low members so I can donate all me gold.to level you up.to give you the opportunity to join our rank 3 guild.

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I highly recommend low level players to join i am also a part of this guild and he is a very generous leader and we love donating all our gold to help weaker members become stronger

Nice defence team you have going there

Hey thanks, Moshi :slight_smile:
Yours ain’t to bad either.

Still chasing low players?

No m8.other guild Full now.thanks

I know your not looking for any more low levels but I am a long time player who just got a ps4 and got this game on here. I am praying that you can help me level up and then later on if there is an opening I can fill in. I don’t have to be accepted instantly just wanna be leveled up and ready. So if you could be awesome and invite me my invite code is: BROWX45 FZWZ

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Iam on my vacation till Saturday.if you can send me me friend request to moshi-monsters_ I be able to get the Gems rolling thanks again.

I sent you one last night … The name should be browx 45

Ok thankyou.I land in the uk on Saturday evening I log on then…

I never got an invite and am still interested

Tried the invite code did not work send me a screen shot to my psn.I’ve added you as as friend.I can invite you later.

Fast and rising our rank 550 guild looking for low level players,millions of gold as been donated already.to level you up and have the opportunity to join our Rank 3 Guild.in box me for more info.my psn is Moshi-Monsters_