MoshiMonsters Guild Rank 28

Looking for Active Players To join our Guild.i am a very active Guild leader.which contributes all.We also have a Guild which is Rank 2.Top Active players will have the the opportunity to join that one when space comes available.Guild Rules are simple.Just be a team player.In return you get lots of Keys and Gems.And the opportunity to advance to our Rank 2 Guild.You got nothing to lose and everything to gain.We also have a private Community you can join.where you get to chat with the Players of both Guilds.

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Forum seems to be pretty dead… I dont know whats going on here hmmm

It’s weird, I don’t know why either. I’ve not been here long but thought I’d have to juggle a bit more with guild leadership stuff but there doesn’t seem to be many folks out there looking for a guild and the ones that are appear to want to jump straight into a top ten guild!

Yeah its pretty weird atm :stuck_out_tongue:

My friend and I would like to join this guild if you aren’t at max. It’s super hard to find an active guild on ps4

Message me on my psn Moshi-Monsters_

Hi. I m 44 french Guy and i m looking for a New guild. I m playing every day lvl 398. If ur not full it Will be a great pleasure to play with u.
Thx and sorry for my bad english

I would like you ro join our rank 2 guild.send me friend request Moshi-monsters_

Il can t find moshi-monsters_ in psn. Sorry

Dont forget the underscore on the end moshi-monsters_

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I find thx

HI, i am looking for new guild and if You have spot and are interested i like to join You.
I am level 113, active player from Poland.
My PSN id Guardian-TcT-

Friend request sent

Hi I’m a newer player but very active. I was bringing in a few hundred trophies weekly for my last guild but left them because too many inactives. If u still have spots open and will have me. MY invite code is BEAZLE_UYMG

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Invite you now

Invite sent

Got it, thanks

Hi I’m at lvl 80 I play everyday. If you have an opening I would like to be considered Thanks for your time. Lordlelouchvi _lwa4

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Ok invite you now

Invite sent