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Guild Rank 2 MoshiMonsters

Space as come available for 2 serious players. inbox me for more info.or send me friend request.on my psn.moshi-monsters_

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1 space still available

Do you take new player?

Yes we do if you can meet other easy requirements message me on my psn Moshi-Monsters_

1 space available

3 spaces up for grabs.100 a week minimum.150+ to level up

2 spaces up for grabs

1 space left

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This is a great guild! I encourage all who are interested to join.

Thankyou Top player too

Send me an invite I play daily and very active currently level 80 and growing

1 spaces available for you to join our guild. level 100 plus please

4 spaces available.inbox me moshi-monsters_

1 space available to join our great team of player’s.

We now have 3 spots to fill guys, we currently gain hundreds keys/gems a week.

If your interested in joining 100% active guild please leave your invite code!

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I would like to join . Im ca . Lvl 270 and active :+1:t2:

One space just came available

3 spaces available

2 spaces left

Looking for a few team players inbox me on my psn.Moshi-Monsters_

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