Moshi Monsters Guild Rank 4

Looking for 1 active player to join our active Guild. Also have private community.

Active daily, I would definitely like to join an active guild!

Awesome send me friend request.moshi-monsters_

Still looking? I want a high ranking active guild to join

Minimum 50 Trophys per pvp week.if you get 100+ in a pvp week you will Rank up the Guild.there are 4 ranks.Rank 5,4,3,2 if you get less than 50 trophys in a pvp week you will get demoted down a rank.less than 50 trophys in a pvp on rank will be removed.I also have a private community. For guild members you need to join to keep updated.what events we doing in the guild.we just finished a event where we saved our gold and dropped 15 millions coins in the guild each member had over 2000 keys and over 1000 gems.and we working on doing it if you would like to join the MoshiMonsters guild.please message psn is moshi-monsters_ also we have 1 space available

Are you still recruiting. Im lvl 630, always get 1500 seals, donate 600+k gold weekly.

hi i see you have one spot. Could I join in and i can easily achieve your guild requiremets. I have already send a message to your psn. My invite code is :KUSOGOD

Mosi :smiley: haha still playing?

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