Rank 16, The Unforgiven II - Recruiting Guild Wars, 500k, 1500s, 200t


Hello, are you still recruiting. I have all you asking for. My invite code is BEANYMAN23_ITW5


@BeanyMan23 I have PM’d you.

There will be a space at reset due to a player leaving on vacation. A high level player with good communication skills will best suit the Unforgiven guilds.


No 431 I misunderstood you.


1 space available, we are looking for a competitive player ready for Brackets 1/2 of Guild Wars :beer:


Stil got room for one or two high level players with good communications skills. Contact gamertag Hildegardis


Bump bump and bump


The Unforgiven II is looking for 2 players that can meet the following requirements:

¤ 500k+ gold
¤ 1500 seals
¤ 200+ trophies
¤ GW interest

Top players within the guild can move up to the Rank 2 main guild.


hello there ! i am looking for a PRO guild . i play 6 hours everydays , now level 710 . i started the game in february . i am doing all tasks and events , give 350K gold everyweeks . i am very serious player , and want to improve . my name is saunal edouard aka baryonic in the game . my invite code is ; EDOSAN_FWEF . please contact me if you need me


Please contact by PM if you would like to join this great group when the next space becomes available :beers:


Have sent you a PM.


The Unforgiven II are looking for high level players to join our experienced guild. Can you meet the following requirements?

¤ 500k+ gold
¤ 1500 seals
¤ 200+ trophies
¤ GW interest

Good communication and enthusiasm to progress is highly regarded!