Rank 16, The Unforgiven II - Recruiting Guild Wars, 500k, 1500s, 200t


Hello, are you still recruiting. I have all you asking for. My invite code is BEANYMAN23_ITW5


@BeanyMan23 I have PM’d you.

There will be a space at reset due to a player leaving on vacation. A high level player with good communication skills will best suit the Unforgiven guilds.


No 431 I misunderstood you.


1 space available, we are looking for a competitive player ready for Brackets 1/2 of Guild Wars :beer:


Stil got room for one or two high level players with good communications skills. Contact gamertag Hildegardis


Bump bump and bump


The Unforgiven II is looking for 2 players that can meet the following requirements:

¤ 500k+ gold
¤ 1500 seals
¤ 200+ trophies
¤ GW interest

Top players within the guild can move up to the Rank 2 main guild.


hello there ! i am looking for a PRO guild . i play 6 hours everydays , now level 710 . i started the game in february . i am doing all tasks and events , give 350K gold everyweeks . i am very serious player , and want to improve . my name is saunal edouard aka baryonic in the game . my invite code is ; EDOSAN_FWEF . please contact me if you need me


Please contact by PM if you would like to join this great group when the next space becomes available :beers:


Have sent you a PM.


The Unforgiven II are looking for high level players to join our experienced guild. Can you meet the following requirements?

¤ 500k+ gold
¤ 1500 seals
¤ 200+ trophies
¤ GW interest

Good communication and enthusiasm to progress is highly regarded!


The Unforgiven II needs you!

Trophies lowered to 100 since 4.0, other mins still in place. Contact me here or on Xbox.

Gamertag: XI AlphaMale IX


U2 has moved to bracket 1. We still need you.

Contact me here or on Xbox.

Gamertag: XI AlphaMale IX


2 spots available
2 places disponibles
2 Plätze verfügbar


I’m interested if there are still openings. feel free to contact me. thx.


lucidcreature98_64ks rank 1327 been in top 10 guilds for about 12 months.

if interested open the door and ill pop in, thanks.


Hi guys, I just sent you a Private Message


We still have space.
If you are interested, send me here a private message (by clicking on my picture) with your level and your Gamertag.
Good Game