The Unforgiven (Rank #1) Guild Network is recruiting! NEW MINS

The best guild network on Xbox is recruiting! Please reach out with any questions!

GT: AerisaHale
Discord: AerisaHale#3856

The Unforgiven:

400 Trophies
1 mil Gold
All Seals
All Events

60 to 80 LTs a week
All events completed by Friday
Bracket 1 Guild Wars

The Unforgiven II:

200 Ts
500k Gold
All Seals
All Events

10 LTs a week

The Unforgiven III:

125 Ts
175 gold
All Seals
All Events

The Unforgiven IV:

GWs are the only requirement

Join our discord if you’re interested!


The Unforgiven II is looking for 2 recruits!

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Also, contact Aerisa if there is interest in joining
U1 now too - advanced high level players only.

Good communication is key.

Bump: Contact if interested in a future position within the guilds.


Looking for one to join the family at the end of the week!

Main guild is full again - thank you for the interest.

Contact by PM to be next for any future positions.

All 4 main guilds are full at this time but you can PM me to be put on our waiting list. In case you are wondering our top 3 guilds complete everything and do lots of Legendary tasks each week. We have the most organized Network on XBOX with most all communication done via discord. So get on our waiting list today to get first shot at joining this amazing place.

Let me know which guild you’re interested in!