Rank 14 Voices of Cambria searching for friends

one spot open currently. looking for great team mate to join us to help finish weekly task in gold and boost seal count. we have built a great mature core of players with very little drama and lots of communication as a team from in game chat to private club and even FB. We like chatty catty people!
We do not want Elites or Grievers. We often compliment each other for leaderboard marks and we address inter-guild issues as privately as we can. we are not looking to shame others who may not fit the level we like.
We recognize people who are active contributors and don’t boot unless we absolutely have to, because we understand RL issues may come into play at times. If any issues arise in activity, I am the one to PM someone first and ask why. Daily active is not a req, but coming close to weekly mins is. 100k/1000s/50t. have your kingdoms full leveled or near it to aim for max gold contribution. Many of our members meet this and above.
We aim to keep this game fun and will give any advice needed to help you grow with us… and sometimes we are smartasses with each other. Just for some fun to keep everyone from taking it too seriously.
Message me on Xbox “Neves1277” please state your current level and verify you can do weekly minimums.

Why is it only xbox people looking for people? Can i not join on mobile? My code is +++Fourth Hokage+++

you have to check the PC/Mobile Recruit thread for that, my good fellow gamer!