Rank 100 Shadowed Warriors recruiting!


Lvl 111, dragon armor, play daily, looking for an active guild. Humpyrton GT, hero code HUMPYRTON_3EA8


Leyshonator, send me your invite code. And humpy, as long as you’re both out of your current guilds, I can send you both invites. Lookin forward to havin ya!


Invite has been sent to you humpy. Welcome to the warriors!


Hey … do you have room in your guild?


Sure do. What’s your level and how much can you put in?


I passed 150 yesterday … now maybe around 155 … I’m fairly active and trying to get my kingdoms to lvl 10 … plus playing a lot of pvp and active in wars too



I will be home in a few hours. If your out of a current guild now, I’ll send you an invite when I get home!


Tried to send you an invite but you have to leave your current guild before it will let me invite you. Let me know when you’re free


I just got back to GoW after a break, level 350
Looking for a good guild to build my cards and supplies.


My code is SASS_FEER


You have to leave your guild first or else my invite won’t go through. Let me know when you do and I’ll try again


Faalbaard, linababa, are you both still interested in joining?


Found a spot at phantom kids
Thanks for your reply and good luck recruiting!


I’m ready to accept invite now please! (SPARK_H3GX)


Linubaba, you have to leave your current guild. I can’t send the invite because of that. Let me know when you leave and I will try to send it again