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Rank 100 Shadowed Warriors recruiting!

Looking for a couple members who are consistently active and able to contribute. Laid back guild with no real requirements other than you have to contribute to stay in the guild. So do as you can and get some trophies and help us complete tasks. Would like to get some serious players on the team. We rank 100 and would like to push to the top 50!


I play daily. Owned my own guild, but people.wouldnt play so i disbanned it, only to join yet another guild of non players. I want to be in a guild of active players / contributors and a guild that rewards thise who do so with rank advancment. Can i join your guild?

Absolutely. Send me your invite code and I’ll add you!

Thanks!!! 1jetsgirl

Uh oh…New York jets girl? Might have a problem there. Haha…just kidding. Charger fan so I hope you don’t have a problem with me. Haha. Welcome to the warriors!

My hubby screen name is fire ems jet
So I’m jets girl

That code says it doesn’t exist. There is no more to the code?

Oh ok…haha. Nice

Says 1JETSGIRL all Capitola
My game name is Khaleesi

When you hit start on your controller, is that what it says on the bottom of the screen?

Oh it’s all caps. Let me try that. Lol

Oh wait…dam…you guys are xboxers? I’m not

I’m afraid all caps doesn’t work either

Oh what are you on? You’re in an Xbox chat recruitment page. Lol

Well? I thought I clicked pc/mobile

Damn…I would have loved to have ya on board too

Time to get an Xbox…lol

:sob: so bummed now

It’s ok. If you’re ever on Xbox, I’ll be more than happy to have ya

Hi I’m looking for a new guild as the one I’ve been in since joining has died after the team synergy achievement.

I’m level 684. Play guild wars pretty much every day. I don’t put loads of hours in but am consistent.