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Rank 88 Shadowed Warriors recruiting again

Looking for 2 or 3 highly active players to help us make a big push toward the top 50. No real requirements other than to make sure you contribute. The more trophies the better but not a dealbreaker. Become a warrior and help us fight across the front line!


My guild is dying, but I have two good friends who also play daily. We would be interested. Are you full?
Just saw this was for Xbox, we are mobile players, not sure if that will work.

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Mobile doesn’t work with Xbox unfortunately. If you guys were on Xbox, I’d love to have ya

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Augh. Thanks for the quick reply though. Good luck to you guys!!

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Good luck Maltese, we will clear you a path, lol

Lol…clear a path? And thanks beer guy

We are in 61st. So hopefully you don’t pass us. Good luck either way.

Ah ok. Well maybe we will see you soon…lol

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