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Raid Boss Weekend: Wild Plains

Originally published at: Raid Boss Weekend: Wild Plans – Gems of War

Returning Raid Boss Troop: Earthcaller Earthcaller has returned to lead Blackhawk during this weekend’s Raid Boss. You can get him from the Event shop during this event. New Weapon: Wild Cleaver This weekend it will be available in both the Event shop, and in the Soulforge.

There is no I in team, just as there is no i in plans…


…explode green gems. How original.

Well, it is nice to have one of these weapons that doesn’t use purple or green.

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But there is one in cliche’ :smiley:

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Brown or Blue explosion weapons… There’s more than one already.

Yellow Weapons are significantly the mana type that need exploders. But their design is clearly to keep explosion weapons to certain mana colors.

Where that design fails is the design choice to color restrict weapons during events. Thus making certain weeks much more grinder and less fun than their counter parts.

I believe you mean Wild Plains, not Blackhawk.

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Another negative to the mana color choices for the weapon…Wild Plains still doesn’t have a single Purple Weapon. And honestly, I’m not even sure the devs are aware of this. I doubt it’s something that gets actually checked when designing a weapon.

So if you own Ragereaver and you’re running a 100% Taurus team. Then this new weapon is useless.

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In the “Raid Boss” article in the game I see some funny text: “Use troops from a Kingdom (Dragon’s Claw) in daily battles to defeat the raid boss”. Some template went wrong?