Toad's Wild Ride

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New Epic Troop: Ba'el

Ba'el will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well as in Event Chests, and will appear in Glory, Gem, and Guild chests in 3-4 weeks' time.

New Doomed Weapon: Doomed Runestones

This week it will be available in both the Tower of Doom shop, and in the Soulforge.


Brown again? Any reason we not getting the 2 we are missing before?


Why we are not getting a Doomweapon that’s Yellow or Green?


Yeah that’s what i mean, i don’t know how it is so hard to do a normal schedule then start to rotate them, now we need to wait 2 more months to get them (if they don’t mess with schedule again)

But i thought that the schedule is subject to change? LOL


Is there any bug or code limitation on the Green and Yellow weapons @Sirrian? Don’t get me wrong, but from the spoilers alone they are entirely similar in effect to all the other ones so i can’t imagine why we are not having a full collection of weapons, with all six colors, before getting repeated colors…

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Why brown again? Nonsense…absolute nonsense.

Please play your game…

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Within my guild, I readily defend the devs from attacks and give counter arguments. Doubling up on brown before releasing the other colors is a case even Phoenix Wright couldn’t win.

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Or… Not change at all. 🤦


Well… yeah.

“Subject to change” is non-committal.

Everything is always “subject to change” until the moment it goes live.

I do have to wonder, though, if this is a test to see how player would react to a repeat color and having to choose between finishing an old weapon and leveling a new Doomed weapon. Also, about whether players would be willing to burn a minor Orb of Ascension to complete a Doom troop ascended to Legendary already for kingdom star leveling purposes.

It’s a different brown weapon in their defense.

“Hey Billy, do you know all the Mana colors in GoW?”
“I sure do, Mr. Ryan!”
“Okay, Billy, go ahead and tell the class please.”
“Well, blue, then brown, then red, followed by purple, brown again? Green, and finally yellow!”
“That’s right, Billy, you get an A➗!”
“Mr. Ryan, an A➗ doesn’t make any sense. Did you mean A+???”
“Yes Billy, but instead of admitting that I made a mistake and change your grade. I’m just gonna act like I meant to do that and go with it.”
“But Mr. Ryan, everyone is going to be confused by this.”
“Not anymore confused than blue, brown, red, purple and then brown again before green and yellow.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well this test at least would be worthless. I haven’t looked to see to see the schedule. But unless this means we won’t see Brown for another 10 cycles. Then we will see a brown ToD again before we need it at Mythic to raise the kingdom level.

At least I was smart to wait to get Doom Club to +10 knowing that the Cauldrons would be worthless. :+1:

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Who knows? It’s possible.

You aren’t the target audience here, as you are very likely ahead of the curve on this one. It’s all those people who didn’t (or more realistically couldn’t) +10 the club. If they can’t get the Doom of Stone to Legendary this time around, its either potentially a very long wait for another Brown lap of the tower, a very expensive purchase this time around (as the Tier 7 --> additional doom troops conversion rate is very poor), or needing to burn two ascension orbs to finish the Doom.

The question then becomes “will that extra mythic’d troop matter in those 10 months to be worth the expenditure?”. No one knows that either. But, I’d be a lot inclined to say “Yes”, than “No” given that long of a timespan.

Isn’t this a graphic typo? We are getting a Yellow Doom troop and a Yellow weapon?


This second Brown appearance is a good reminder that 2 of the doomed weapons really need to be changed…

  1. Doomed Club: Carved : Create a Brown Gem. (the other Brown weapon)
  2. Doomed Blade: Watery : Create a Blue Gem

Doomed Crossbow (red) is awesome since it has Ruined : Create a Doomskull

Doomed Axe (yellow) is great since it doesn’t create a thing.
Doomed Glaive (green) is great since it doesn’t create a thing.
Doomed Scythe (purple) is… okay? Creating a Bonestorm instead of a Purple storm is a bit odd.

Admittedly, I swear there were more Doomed weapons that created a colored gem, so I guess that’s a positive that they don’t.


New Epic Troop: Ba’el

A troop that appears like its gonna randomly scramble your team. Great…lets remove more team building aptitude and make the new marathon length delves even more annoying. Lets face it; thats where its gonna turn up. And i thought cedric was a pain in warrens. Another wars nightmare to face on defence straight on the back of a new class intro that makes me wonder why i bothered to grind db? Not impressed by troops like this at all.


Devs, don’t put Ba’el in delves. Like… ever.


How the devs read it ^^^ :grin:

Waiting for new trait announcement. “Rooted: cannot be moved from current position.” Has Forest of Thorns gotten its kingdom rework yet?