(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Yes. The current schedule is:
Feb 25 - Brown (Doomed Runestones)
Mar 25 - Yellow (Doomed Statue)
Apr 22 - Green (Doomed Glaive)
May 20 - Purple (Doomed Scythe)
Jun 17 - Blue (Doomed Mask)
July 15 - Green (Doomed Potions)
Aug 12 - Yellow (Doomed Axe)


Ugh, so I’m stuck with these unobtainable troops in my collection for 9 more weeks. :rage:


Hmm we really should be getting yellow and green weapons from TOD before cycle is repeated, especially green, which also lacks an empowered converter as has been pointed out.


Yes, the current schedule of the Doomed weapons makes no sense.

Noticed on the (Taran’s) Weekly event spoilers Phoenicia showed up as a battlecrasher for March 1-4th? (Was just curious what this event was for, first time I’ve seen a Mythic as a Battle Crasher)

Please be aware that our schedule is subject to change. (Just popping in to say that again. Please continue!)


:clap: :clap:

I could be wrong, but I think I’ve already seen bits of this in-game :thinking:.

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There was an update on the 18th.

Nothing too jaw-dropping in the troops department, but l did like seeing the “Monstrous Kin” trait that will boost stats on 4 and 5 matches.

Put whatever card has it on whatever team you’re using for invasion this week and I’d bet you have a winner :smiley:

Too bad this “Monstrous Kin” belongs to Dervish hero class, which will be available on May 3 only.

4.3 previews, let’s hope the lag will also be fixed


New Chat System looks great!

Also, to contribute to the discussion on second Mythics, note that the Mythics (Obsidius from Broken Spire/Shade of Zorn from Grosh’Nak/Yggdrasil from Forest of Thorns) are currently scheduled to come in approximately June/July/August, and there are no current or upcoming factions for two of those troops. It seems likely that the Mythic release schedule will just continue as it has.

Also, I’ve published a new guide on Steam! It has a detailed breakdown, with my thoughts on every upcoming Legendary and Mythic, all the upcoming Bounty/Invasion/Raid troops, and several of the notable Rares and Epics that I thought were worth mentioning. I’ll try to update it regularly, and potentially add other stuff like upcoming Kingdoms, Classes, and Weapons.

Spoiler Breakdown on Steam

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Is taran wrong this time?
image image

There are two Phoenicia entries, first one starting Mar 1st = correct.

Phoenicia should last 6 days, but according to taran it will be abhorath on the 5th and 6th

Hmmm, dont ask me why, but i trust @Taransworld more :yum:

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Forgot to post it saturday.

Who is excited about emoji?

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So excited. :stuck_out_tongue: Although a little apprehensive about how they will be obtained :worried:.

Edit: Ahhhh (lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) only just properly looked at the picture. Yeah it looks good :stuck_out_tongue:.

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I don’t think they will be hard to get, we can see you need 10 pvp win for pvp set so you will probably need to forge 10 item for the soulforge set

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I just wonder if it’s worth to put so much time and effort into emotes if the chat ends up not working at all…

Don’t get me wrong, an ingame tool for communication is great, but it must WORK in the first place! Emotes and other silly things are fun to use, IF you can use them at all.

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I think the title will be more cool than the emoji. Pretty sure we will see some
Kids spamming global with emoji