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Raid Boss Teasing

as exemple someone going lonewolf might be able to kill couple boss but won’t be able to finish the event and it make sense a team with 30 full active players will be able to kill more and then win more

I am intrigued about the Close the Portals button, assuming button based on new UI examples as well as versions already in, like kingdom.

Is that the fights?? Or is that a separate part of the event. Is the Dark Zuul’Goth a button as well?? If so, is that the boss?? And is My Battles a button, or is that just info on when you can fight again?

As for the timer, my theory is that it is based on a daily timer, such as GW fights, with a limit to how many per day, but dunno if that fits with what salty has already said lol.

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I might be wrong but i think close the portal is the name of the mission or event. It doesn’t seem to have any button in this page exept what we see on the top

Fight,rewards, boss chests etc

@stan your big green button might be in the fight page :stuck_out_tongue:

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The icons to me, look the same as those in the kingdom menu, where all are actual buttons.

can it be any worse than gw is the question?

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As someone who enjoys GW, yes


My guess would be the screenshot was taken just before daily reset and you get 5 battles per day. Which would make sense, GW is 5 battles per day too.

Or, who knows. Maybe don’t panic until we get the full details :wink:

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Devs said they don’t want to run all event at the same time cause it will be too much, but if it’s only 5 battle that mean it would have been 10 battle every day… it’s not too much imo

Of late the gw rules seem to vary , you’re relegated from 3rd bottom due to a spate of loss wins but winning the division takes you up only 1 for example - also matches actually played completely different to matches available to play these days - its all a bit messy plus the game glitches.

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How else are we going to fill our days before 3.3 releases?


Let’s just go back to whinging about how the Forge isn’t what we wanted?

It has been for awhile, bottom 1 goes down 2, next 2 go down 1. 1st place goes up 2, 2/3 go up 1. This changes in top few brackets.

Im not sure what you mean with actually played are different to 1s available to play.

And yes, the game glitches. Every game glitches. In GoWs defence, at least they work on the glitches ASAP, and if they can, they fix them fast, not all are able to be fixed server side only, which is where problems occur.

Whining about an image and what it means and what it doesn’t, getting info from the com. manager, and whining again, is good enough for me.

It seems you have to fight his minions (i.e. stages) before fighting/farming him. That’s why the “Boss damage” is 0, I guess.

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1st place does not always go up 2.

maximum of 150 available to play but can display anything up to that figure.

if it displays a max of 140 matches available how can you actually play 150?

2 guys make their battle then leave the guild


That would mean the guild personnel figure reduced it didn’t.

total matches available to play at start of today 145 - matches actually played at end 150.

or 150 /145 as displayed on screen.

are you suggesting someone joined midweek?

or stating that someone left in the day and was immediately replaced in the guild but the figure reduced in gw during the day only?

Reads to me that they had 30 members do 5 matches. And now they have 29 members still in the guild.

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Why are we getting info off twatter but not officially on the forum. That pisses me off a bit tbh. Imo the forum members are the hardcore of the game despite being a low percentage of the user base and should be treat with a bit more respect.