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Raid Boss Teasing

You will probably get notification saying there is already a member fighting and you have to wait, similar when you try to donate at the same time then a guildmate

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There won’t be hourly time barriers with raid bosses, so fear not.


What do you mean? You won’t be able to refill every hour? Or you won’t have time limit to kill boss?

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Could hourly means “every 2 hours” or “every 6 hours”? My english is poor :slight_smile: .

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i don’t understand what she mean by no hourly time barrier? is she talking about the time to regen 5 battles? it will be more then every hour? or she mean we won’t have time restriction? im a little confuse

but wth is that timer then? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Something I really don`t want to see is that you have to buy some kind of tokens to fight the boss more times, that would make the game pay to win and an instant quit for me.


Since @Saltypatra posted the SS. I’m going to assume she lost to the Raid Boss. (I kid, I kid)
There would be a certain amount of time before you can fight the raid boss again if you lose. No time restriction if you win.
My initial thoughts are… It would be wise to have other guild members battle while others are on cool down. To maximize time and efficiency.
Raids will be scored on who from your guild does the most damage to bosses. Total score of guild will be compared to other guilds in the same bracket. And the rewards will be given out the same as Guild Wars is now.
I just hope that their isn’t daily competition against other guilds to see which one can beat the bosses the quickest. And that each guild can only advance so far against bosses each day.

If they do that. I’d advise my guild not to ever purchase the tokens. And just be happy with the results we get for free.

I don’t think they’ll do that cause nothing else in the game is based on who has the most money. Even if you buy enough gems to have all the Mythics. It does not make you a better player in anyway.
Winning without mythics usually results in a better GoW player.


iirc there is a leaderboard for the sake of a leaderboard, but it has no relationship to the rewards you get at all.

well if i remember correctly salty mentionned they will be leaderboard rewards and guild rewards

leaderboard is probably the most damage dealed so it will be indi rewards and there will be guild rewards depending how many boss you kill

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That would be the opposite of everything they’ve done in the past.
And they said… Though we will have less GW. The same rewards can be expected each week.

Yes, leaderboard and guild rewards!


Sorry i misspoke.

EDIT Salty the ninja beat me lol

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@ Salty
Any chance of 3.3 Patch notes being released 24 hours prior to the update? I asked @ Ozball about it and he said he was going to pass on my thoughts.
Since it’s the biggest update the game will have ever had.
We need time to be able to comprehend, debate with other players and then pass on the knowledge to other guild members. Hopefully then, people from the forums will keep a watchful eye over global insuring that only accurate information is being shared.


this is weird i’m still curious how it gonna work, it look like you need to deal some damage but, there is surely some restriction, i mean there is plenty team you can use to boost attack and health, they need to put a limit in the move you can make or i could see someone playing during 1 hours just looping and dealing damage without dying. or the boss is so strong he only need 2 hit to kill everyone… well can’t wait to know more about that

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That’s a cool idea (leaderboards) and will really help in Recruiting since like PvP. Every single player (in a guild) is eligible to be on the Leaderboards.
I wonder if the raid Bosses will take it easier on low level players though. :thinking:

Personally, I hope that low level can do it, but its not like Dungeons, where its aimed at low/mid players, so its a breeze for end game players

i expect first bosses to be easy but the low level player will probably hit a wall when boss stats increase

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Thats what im hoping as well. So they can get some rewards, but the stronger players/guilds are also rewarded.

And i support advanced patch notes lol.