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Raid Boss Teasing


Look like you need to wait to be able to fight again :slight_smile:


Oh, I really hope that doesn’t mean we’ll need to be playing throughout the day to get reasonable bonuses in that mode. Once a day wasn’t often enough?


Look like this i told you bro :stuck_out_tongue:

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Once a day GW vs all day raid boss?! I hope not.


You did, and I didn’t believe it. Maybe it is on an 8 or 12 hour cycle or something semi-reasonable. If it is every hour, that is going to be a major turn-off for me.

Another possibility is that, unlike tribute, the battles could stack up without us having to do them when they come up. That could still be reasonable.


Now let see if you can buy something to be able to regen faster :slight_smile:


I agree if they stack it won’t be so bad. If not this could be a deal breaker. Just have to wait and see.


I’d have to think that will be the case, but I would also think we would see a button right there if it was an option. A BIG GREEN BUTTON.

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Usually 2h is what you need to regen but some game you can unlock some bonus so you can regen faster but i don’t know if gow will take that direction

That ‘could’ also be towed the end of the day 24h?. Still too soon to freak out that its every hour.

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I might be wrong but it’s probably less then 24h for the harder boss you need lot of people so every 24h will be pita imo

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There is also a Stage 3 and 0/4 so there could be some limits by week.

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Yeah maybe there is 5 stage per day

But seriously i hope it’s more then 5 battle per day i want some meat!!! Lol



Replying to your comment t to @Stan. I still don’t think they would make this all play all day long. But don’t want to argue things i don’t know.

It just took me almost a week of daily posting to get the developers to look at guild chat, and that it wasn’t my internet. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yeah i know it’s only speculation, but like i said i really hope it’s more then 5 battles cause when i think about Raid Boss i think about killing lot of boss

@Mithran fine if they don’t untroduce money in this mode i will be more then happy

@Strat it could be only 1 boss per day but it would need lot of stages since everyone can make 5 battle it mean 1 player can finish probably stage 1 or 2 by himself depending if 1 battle is enough to kill a Minion

Not sure if stage/progress is for the guild or each member.
I believe that it would be the 2nd option as the 1st should need too much synchronization (i.e. what happens if 5 members do the stage 3 at the same time?).

And apparently, it will a contest about the one dealing more damage to the Boss…

Yeah i also think it’s guild progress not indi

And maybe stage 3 minion is only the guild title, when they finish, stage 4 is another title

Like recruit, minions, champion, hero etc