Quitting out of invasion?


Is it true that if someone quits out of an invasion against you, you don’t get the win? What’s the benefit for a quitter to do that?

I’ve been told that improving my def team will just mean I see less chances for defences and not more wins and so I should put out a walkover defence team. If true, that kind of sucks and should change.


If the player is in a guild, the benefit of quitting out of the invasion is that they do not lose a trophy for failing.


That’s a bit lame! Shouldn’t quitting out of a game count as a loss to prevent that happening?


About 95% of the time that I quit out of an invasion (instead of the game crashing, which counts the same) it’s because it’s the same green spamming team that I’ve faced a million times before and is just no fun to play against. I play, and lose, to plenty of challenging teams. But they’re unique and they don’t rely on basically broken AI behaviour.

I have heard that from a lot of people. So, I think you’re fine making a hard team as long as it’s not one of a handful of well known teams that people are just sick of because they’re no fun to play against.

I’d probably quit playing if writing counted against you. Not because of writing out of webspinner rounds, though. I’d gladly pay a trophy not to have to sit through that. But because most of the time it’s the app crashing. If I got punished for a bug or it eating all available memory? That would be really user hostile.