Small PvP Rule Change: Retreats now always lose a trophy

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to highlight a small rule change that went live today.
Retreats in PvP were a little inconsistent in that previously you lost a PvP-Star, but didn’t necessarily lose a trophy.
The upshot of this was that it was possible to remain on Rank 10 and farm trophies at the rate of 2-per-battle all week, by retreating to lose the stars you had just accumulated.

Needless to say, that’s not really the spirit of the system, and it wasn’t REALLY that feasible until we removed the gold cost from all battles a short while ago.

So NOW, if you retreat from a battle, you will lose a star AND a trophy.


I think it’s a little unfair for the players (mainly new players) that really need to retreat before losing.
Is it considered a retreat if the game crash or if we do an Alt+F4?
Moreover, when I want to try a new team sometimes the team is not so good and so I need to retreat. And, obviously, I don’t want to make my guild lose trophiesbecause of my tests… And, I don’t talk about playing in Warlord mode which will be now too risky…

Why not remove the 2-trophies system or give 2 trophies when we get two stars only (after a combo win)?

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I cannot overstate how excited I am to see how the weekly totals change on @actreal’s spreadsheet.


HOLY CRAP! WHY Didn’t I think of that?!


What about leaving game during PvP battle?

And how do these changes affect defense wins for the player invaded? Do they get a win notification if the player rereat / leave battle?

And on the invader payer, do they get an invade loss in thei stats?

If you leave the game, that’s fine. The -1 Trophy only applies if you RETREAT.
Originally we DID this to help new players, but new players have lots of other nice stuff they can do/get now, so we’ll need to keep this in place until we do the PvP Makeover in version 2.0 (the version after 1.0.9)

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Will the double trophy exploit still work if a player kills the game client / disconnects? They won’t lose a trophy, but will it still reset the gaining of stars and allow remaining at the same pvp rank forever?

If you kill the client, you don’t loose trophy, but you don’t loose PvP-star either, so no exploit possible.

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I realy hope, that in pvp 2.0 will still be an ranking system, where the rewards don’t rely on numbers of pvp battles a player did or the lvl of player. It simply shouldnt player punish for playing the game on a casual basis.

I agree, the two trophy thing has always seemed a little arbitrary. Why punish those who get to max pvp rank with fewer trophies? While I’m leveling up my rank, I can gain an extra trophy by beating a guy more than a hundred levels below me simply because he’s higher in rank?

Now that sounds like an amazingly brilliant suggestion. Simple rule, if the win streak is in effect, award two trophies instead of one. I like it.

That’s broadly gonna be double trophies for everyone if it’s only on win-streaks… Better to just get rid of double trophies altogether.

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I agree with removing 2 trophies, if the system can be tricked like you stated with a disconnect or retreating

We considered removing double trophies, but we felt that was unnecessarily harsh to a lot of mid-tier guilds whose members only play about 20-30 pvp battles per week. All of a sudden their trophy rewards would be significantly less than before and if they were rising, they’d now be struggling to close the gap on old guilds who’d had the advantage of the 2-trophy system.

We need to consider players of all tiers with these solutions


Well then you could limit the amount of 2 trophies per person per week to say 5 or 10

A reasonable suggestion, but my concern would be over the confusion it generates, without redesigning the screen to convey exactly how the system works.

It wouldn’t have to appear or rules described, if the system stops offering 2 trophies, then it stops.

I’m a fairly new player to the game, and had no idea how this system worked, only knew I was offered 2 trophies when in the earliest of PVP matches. But if players can abuse the 2 trophy system by quitting, then the top players can do the same. This has to be addressed to make it as fair as possible. You could make the first 10 battles each week offer 2 trophies, then the rest are 1.

The worst part of PVP is when you next and get the same person 4 or 5 times out of 10. I think there should be a minimum time limit between finding the same person only AFTER you have nexted them. If you defeated them, then they can appear again.

They did, that is what this change addresses. Now you can’t retreat to retain a rank that offers easy 2 trophy battles. Force closing the app doesn’t allow the exploit to occur, so it has been effectively resolved by this change.


I always thought it was like punishment also that when you reach rank 1 it’s 1s all the way.

I also core for just removing the 2s, at least every good would immediately notice a drop.

Or maybe have guilds of a certain rank/level get 2 per fight or something.

Sorry Sirrian but I don’t understand the reasoning. If you remove 2 trophies reward, it will be the same for all guilds. Current situation basicaly just cover the bigger difference between players as there is visually no big diference between 40 trophies won in 20 battles and 50 trophies won in 30 battles. With 1 trophy rule all the time, all guilds and players will have the same conditions as it is now and guild leaders can adjust the minimal requirements to match the new state.