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Meanwhile several troops not even remotely close to Bone Dragons degree of brokenness got fixed, nerfed, redesigned etc. when those weren’t even a significant threat for the meta.[/quote]
Just playing devil’s advocate, but it’s much easier to change a troop that isn’t part of the meta. Since it’s not used or seen as much, the ramifications of screwing it up are small, if anybody even notices. BD is so visible, that if they don’t get the fix right, players will start burning their kingdom banners. I agree that this has taken a while, but I’d rather they get it right.

I know your theory, but I have far more faith in the devs. I think some of the delay is them actually trying to get it right (and avoid your doomsday scenario). But we’ll see who’s right soon. #guildCIVILwars


We never said that we were going to do a short term adjustment for BD, only the balance change with Guild Wars.


If you’d really been paying attention, young padawan, you’d know that I am correct because the mechanics leave nothing to guess about; it’s math, plain and simple. The devs would have to completely change BD’s ability so that it didn’t spawn skulls at all in order to avoid what is actually coming. The masses, for the most part, will be satiated with the reduction in skulls spawned but people who know how to use BD will be able to use these lesser amounts of skulls to do even more damage. It’s not really avoidable and there’s no reason to avoid it. It’s a win for the devs, it’s a win for the people crying for a nerf and it’s a win for me and those who know how to use BD.


Are you suggesting that generating fewer skulls may in turn create more individual matches, thus increasing BD’s actual destruction output?

Because I’ve tested that using KoS and while it’s very efficient, it’s not more efficient than BD in his broken state.

There’s something unique about the way a blob of 30+ skulls is calculated that leads to the current behavior, IMO.


Nope but you are close :smiling_imp:


It would probably be good to clarify whether we’re talking about defense or invade too, I guess.

I haven’t tried KoS on defense but then again, I’ve never used BD on defense either. I think it’s wrong. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t care less about defense; I don’t get annoyed by the defense griefers (I just plow through them) nor do I have any interest in putting up a griefing defense (though that may change with GW, well see lol). :slight_smile:


BD should just create one skull for every enemy troop. That’ll show 'em.


But make it a really BIG skull. Like a 3 x 3 skull. And have it shoot lasers out of it’s eye sockets!


It would be cool to have an effect tied to a gem on the field.

Like 13 mana: create a gem that at the start of the turn does [magic/4 + 2] damage until matched or destroyed.


And people will have absolutely no problem if Bone Dragon will change into something that you actually have to game and show bigger results for “those who know how to use BD”, not that there is currently anything to know about using him…

What “people crying for a nerf” currently object to is the fact that whenever the AI gets two manasurged 3 matches worth of brown/purple mana, half your team gets eradicated, without requiring any kind of ‘thought’ or setup.


I wasn’t arguing against any of that (though I do disagree with your second point personally; I can’t remember the last time I lost to a BD team but the fact that I don’t have a problem with BD doesn’t mean he’s fine). It seems like something I said may have upset you.


No worries, i don’t get upset that easily anymore, i simply object to the way you call valid concerns about a broken troop as “crying”.
Bone Dragon is objectively the strongest troop in the game atm.
His spell could be translated to ;kill the first enemy troop, heavily damage the second enemy troop with a chance to also kill that one, steal the complete armor of a third troop, and gain an extra turn and some armor for good measure, for 14 mana. That is simply insane value on a spell, and yes while you can set up counter teams or play mana-denial all day, that doesn’t change the fact that his spell is objectively vastly overpowered compared to anything else in the game.


[quote=“Gouki, post:113, topic:21187”]
i simply object to the way you call valid concerns about a broken troop as “crying”.
[/quote] Ah, no, in the context I was using “crying” was to “cry out” as in “players are crying out for a nerf” not as in “whining.” There wasn’t a judgment meant to be implied on my part. :slight_smile:


I’ve read no less than five (5) preview threads about the Guild Wars, and I’ve seen absolutely nothing in any of them that has anything to do with Bone Dragon in particular, or troop balance changes in general. I’ve been playing since the launch date on Steam, which means more than two years now, and this is by far the single most significant balance issue in the history of the game, and it has remained untouched for many moons. I can’t find the post, but at one point Sirrian did in fact say there was going to be a short-term change at the beginning of the next event cycle, and then posted on the Monday that the change had been postponed a week, and then… silence. I’m not suffering from dementia quite yet, TYVM.

In addition, the question I have put forward several times, about how the client counts “blobs of skulls” as multiple matches, remains unanswered. There is code for this somewhere, and an intended algorithm, and the players are entitled to know what that is, as it constitutes one of the most basic rules of the game.


Not another one of these, my god man.


This is the only quote I can find from us regard Bone Dragon. I cannot find any post where we said that we were going to make a storm term adjustment.


I clearly remember when Sirrian came on the forums and said “From this day forward, lightning storms shall be called scary boom boom clouds!”


Another topic derailed to Bone Dragon Nerf…

It will take some time to devs to nerf him but are devs the ones who put BD in their defense?
No it’s players. Players who know how this troop is annoying but continue to put him in their defense for 6 months.
Of course, we can blame devs to not react fast enough or that this troop is so OP that it’s “normal” to put him in our defense. But don’t forget: devs give us the gun but it’s players who push the trigger.