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Quickly see another player's gathered cards?

I tend to help people far and wide to build teams. One thing that would be SO helpful would be a way for them to quickly share a list with me of what cards they currently own.

So I could say something like go to folder “C:\Program…” and mail me the TROOPS.XML file.

Does something like this exist or am I dreaming?

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No, it does not. Your collection is not stored anywhere in the local game files. Every time the game starts, it downloads that data from the servers and keeps it only in memory (never flushed to disk).

Can a person call that URL directly to get the (I’m assuming) XML file?

Not in any straightforward fashion. It’s not as simple as pointing a browser at a URL. I’m afraid you’ll need to petition the devs to create an API or endpoint you can use for this.

I agree that this is the single biggest hurdle when helping others with Team Building :frowning2: