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Gems of War Database mobile facelift - please help!

Hi everyone,

Over the past few days I’ve made some changes to the Gems of War Database. I’ve been experimenting with adaptive rendering to make the site a little more mobile-friendly. With the exception of the tables, which are extremely difficult to make work on small-screen displays, I’ve got most of the site converted over. However, all I have to work with here is an iPhone 6 and an Android emulator in Chrome. Consequently, I’m not sure what’s working for whom and what’s not. If you have a few minutes to browse the site and leave me feedback here regarding bugs or usability issues, I’d greatly appreciate it.

As a note, I’ve collapsed the stat tables in the main list to save space. This has an impact on all clients (mobile as well as desktop). If you prefer it the old way, I can revert it, but personally I feel the extra click is worth it to see more troops at once. The detailed troop pages still have the table expanded.

Thank you for your consideration!


I was unable to get the stats to expand until just a moment ago - did you change something?

Anyway, I thought that the on the main troop list, the troop name linked to the troop detail page. I can only get there by clicking the troop number - maybe I’m just remembering wrong.

Otherwise looks great in Chrome on my Android phone.

That was probably just your phone caching either the CSS or the JavaScript. The page reload would have forced a re-fetch of those files.

No, the troop name has never linked to the troop page. Would you like it to? :slight_smile:

Yep I’m sure you’re right. And yes the link would be consistent with the table view.

Done. You’ll probably need to refresh the page again to get the new CSS.

Very nice!

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I’m using a Blackberry Q10 and this looks great on my phone. I’m able to expand the stats tables and easily scroll left to right to see the full range. Almost everything lines up nicely. The filter selection boxes are a little outside the borders, but all the troop cards look great.

On desktop (which is where I normally access your site), I’d have a slight preference for the tables being present all the time, but the expand/collapse feature is working really nicely, so I’d probably stick with what you’ve done. Visually, it is more appealing and eases scrolling a bit.

Awesome, glad to hear it. :slight_smile: If you can post or send me a screenshot where things don’t line up, that’d give me a better idea of what I’d need to adjust.

I preferred the old layout for the troops (with the troops image to the left of its data). Maybe a poll would be useful?

You can see the “sort” box is a little bit outside the border, but really not a big deal. Now that I look at it, the ‘table’ icon looks a little bit out of place, too.

I hadn’t tried opening the table format, but it works really well. Everything scales to screen width and I can scroll, zoom, etc. without any issues.

It should still put the troops to the left of their data if the screen is wide enough. What device are you using? Portrait or landscape?

Odd. I don’t see the issue you describe in any of the major browsers. Maybe Blackberry’s is doing something strange with respect to line breaks here…

In any case I removed the table link in the corner, as there’s now a much more prominent link to the table view in the nav header. That might address the wonky layout, but if not, I’m not really sure what I can do to fix it :frowning:

It wouldn’t be unusual for Blackberry to do something strange. For the 8 people that still use them, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. For everything that you present on that page, it works amazingly well!

FWIW, for me they’re to the left in landscape and above the data in portrait, and switch back and forth if the phone does. Android chrome again.

That’s the desired behavior. I couldn’t get horizontal view to work when in portrait mode without super-small text and zooming, thus the change.

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Well it looks great in both orientations, good job!

Oh, yes landscape shows the image to the left and portrait has the image above.

Just a personal preference to the old display. I may be remembering it wrong but im sure I could see more than 1 troop on screen at once before (even in portrait as thats all I used).

Samsung s7 edge