Telegram bot for GemsOfWar

I just created telegram bot which searches troop information of GemsOfWar.

If you use Telegram, add @GemsOfWar_bot as friend.

/s troop [index] - search troops or weapons
/si troop [index] - search troop image
/sc color [index] - search troop with color (ex. sc bl/re)
/sd desc [index] - search spell description
/st troop … - search deck containing troop
/sti traits - display traits info.
/stt traits - search troops with traits
/stu TraitStone - search troops and traits using TraitStone
/stu TraitStoneColor - ex) stu brbl (brown blue)
/stu * - display All arcane TraitStone
/sk bonus - search kingdom to give bonus
/file t|k - t: TraitStone, k: kingdom troop

Have Fun.


Thanks for the app.

That is amazing! Too bad I don’t use telegram. :frowning:


I forgot I installed Telegram until this topic popped up.

Telegram supports Mobile, Desktop, Web, and Linux CLI.

How about looking into Telegram Applications?

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Sounds like a flexible way for guilds to chat

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Oh, always thought telegram was mobile only. xD

You have to use a mobile number to sign in though even on the desktop (from my experience). If you don’t want to use your real mobile number, you can just set up a free Google voice mobile number from your desktop. It works like a charm.


I updated @GemsOfWar_bot to search weapon lists too.


Nice work @jmjeong. :+1:

Very, very nice! Thank you!

Now @GemsOfWar_bot searches traits information with /st command.


You’re making a lot of progress, fair play.

Have you plans for any future content?

Any suggestions?

Include the traitstones required for each troop? For base Mythic characters it could include the name and colour of their arcanes?

Do you know how to get this information? Collection each data from web page manually is very tedious job.

Unfortunately I do not. If the reward outweighs the effort there is no need for you to put in all that time!

Add another command : /stt

/stt [traits] - search troops with traits


Another Patch:

/s command searches rarity, kingdom, and type, too.