Telegram bot for GemsOfWar


/stu [traits stone] - search troops which use traits stone for their upgrade

Traits and Upgrade Information is now displayed.


Very nice work. If I could like a post twice, I would.


/stu * - Dispaly All Arcane TraitsStone and where to get it


Added: @GemsOfWar_bot searches class information, too.


Added: Search troops using traitstone with TraitsStone color.

/stu brye - (brown, yellow)

/stu puye - (purple, yellow)


Does /stu yepu give the same list as /stu puye?




/sd desc - search spell’s description

ex) /sd true damage - display all weapon/troop having ‘true damage’ skills


Add [Search Recommended Deck] command

/st troop


Hi jmjeong.

There’s any repo to check so we can suggest/pull request any changes or translations for the bot?

Thanks and best regards.


The source code is not publicly released yet.
You can suggest any idea in this forum.


Thanks for your quick answer. My first idea was a spanish translation. There’s any fast way to do that? Or what kind of info do you need?

Best regards.


Bot data is retrieved from Since has Spanish translation, I can add multiple language support in future, but currently, I didn’t consider it.


Incidentally, if you are pulling from my site (which is totally fine by me), you might consider using the JSON endpoints instead of scraping the HTML. They won’t change as I futz with the page layouts.


Lyya, I’m sorry I could not inform you in advance.
Thank you the API. It will be very helpful.

Telegram bot retrieved the data from,, and twice a day automatically.

Lyya, one suggestion for API.

  • Query for the changed data from the specific time.

Currently, I compare the retrieved data and the local saved data and fetch the updated data to reduce server overhead.


Yeah, I can add that.


Okay, added. All responses now have an ISO-8601 timestamp in a “modTime” property on the root of the JSON payload, which corresponds to the last time the database contents have changed. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d need.


What’s the API endpoint? Could you give me the example?


Any of them will show it. I don’t have a specific endpoint just for mod time; for the moment you can do:


modTime field is good.

But what I need is what info. is changed from the last fetch time. Telegram-bot caches the data for speed and for reducing load.

What I need is the information about the newly added troop or weapon, mana change, desc change, and the new kingdom etc since the last fetch time. Without this api, I have to retrieve all data and compare the changes with the cached data (Actually I do it in the current version)