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Quadbie Guild is recruiting

we are a small (family mostly) group based in Australia and are looking for new members to really get us going. Our guild chat is in English and we are looking for active members to contribute collect seals every week and sometimes chat.

so we are looking for new members who want a guild to grow with, who will donate gold, seals and play guild events and Player Vs Player (daily if possible - as Guild Wars gives seals for winning single wars).

We currently have 15/30 members with mix of casual and active players. but we are looking for long term active players so we can really grow.

Our XP 38/50, level 42 Champion IV with a daily login bonus of +130%

Please let me know your invite code if you are interested would really love you have you onboard!

What platform are you on? PC/mobile, Xbox or PS?

PC/Mobile, Hope that helps.