Looking for an active guild 11/07

I’m a newer player. Used to play casually on PS4 but started again on mobile.

Currently level 100+. I’m an active player that plays every day.

I get my 1500 seals every week, can contribute at least 100-150k weekly (Still levelling kingsoms atm so will be more in the near future.).

Haven’t done much GW or invasions but will be focusing on those more once I get my (troop) level and such up in the coming days/weeks.

Looking for an active clan. Don’t use discord atm but if it’s required I can.

Feel free to look up the Fantasy Fighters recruitment thread; we’re a relatively casual guild, asking for a min of 20k gold and 700 seals weekly with notice on the guild chat if you’re going to be inactive on a given week (no discord required), and we typically hit the 10k or 20k seal mark every week currently; we’re open to newer players and are looking to fill/replace lower activity spots with people like you who plan to be more highly active in order to continue to grow. Several of our more active members get the full 1.5k seals and donate more than 200k gold each week.

If interested, feel free to send me a message.

I’m a member of down the rabbit hole were ranked 266 and were very active our requirements our 500k gold and 1500 seals and guild wars if u don’t have all of your citys at level 10 u can ignor the gold requirements if interested contact jujubean323 or shizinby