PvP Revenge: Replay Option

When getting Revenge on an opponent in PvP, before we attack them, can we get a ‘Replay’ option to see just how well our defense team fared?

This would be great for those users who are experimenting with different teams and will allow them to see exactly which troops excelled and which ones flopped.

Not sure if I’m asking for a lot here but it would be a nice addition to the game.

Thanks for a great game regardless!

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Than someone would say the defender, I pwnd your team easy. . We both know this would happen.

How easy it is to do depends in part on how the random number generator is coded.

If it’s pseudo-random based on the current state, then starting with the same seed will always produce the same random numbers. In this case the replay would be as simple as storing (1) the initial seed, (2) a list of troops and stats at the start of the battle, and (3) a list of numbers saying which gems were swapped or which spells were fired at which targets. If the AI combo breaker is on, you’d also need to make a note of when/how it was triggered. This would add to the complexity.

If the RNG uses time or some other means of seeding randomness, then everything becomes a lot harder as you would need to record every single gem that is dropped into the board, individually.

Not really, it is trivial to just record the results of the RNG function or the outcome of events. The whole game state is under 50 bytes per turn, not an amount worth mentioning.

If the implementation is good the recording happens already at the client and the full game is sent to the server in replayable and verifyable form (unlike MPQ that where the client just sends victory allowing trivial hacks and base policing on reports and after-the fact sandboxing).

So implementing this would not be that hard, and would be interesting to watch your games or those of friends, clanmates, etc.

OTOH we know way more trivial functions do not get dev resources unless directly tied to consume, so unless it would be tied to pay or VIP levels have no realistic chance to get in. And it that form would be just a frown generator.

I would like rather see an option, where you can test your denfense team vs random or other own teams.
I dont want, that all theses 500+ teams see, who easily i crush them. Otherwiese they will start to nerf my team. :slight_smile:

I’d like a replay option for defend wins just so I can watch my team crush the enemy. I would get a large amount of amusement from that. :slight_smile:


My bad on this one, I thought that by replay you ment a message from the enemy after he completes the fight. To think about it now, a video replay was a more obvious thing but at that point I have just woke up so my brain was on to be honest.


I can definitely see your point… The devs won’t make it unless they’re going to get some sort of revenue from it. Then if that happens it will never be used.

But if it really is just a trivial matter, as some have claimed, I would make good use of it. I suppose I was thinking of people like myself wondering why I’m losing most defenses. Being able to watch how you lost pinpoints the problem and can be effectively rectified.

And as @Tacet mentioned it could go the other way too. More powerful players will find some amusement factor out of watching their AI-controlled team annihilate a human player.

It may be a waste of time but it could have some use as well.