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PvP defense always resets

Hi all,

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
the past days I’ve been running into the problem that my PvP defense always resets to my guild wars defense.
The gem priorities also reset with the team.

Steps to make it happen again
It just happens, but I couldn’t find a way to reliably reproduce it. I set it to some random team, if I look back a few hours later, it’s back to my guild wars defense (it’s also team #1 at the moment).

Screenshots or video
Sorry, I don’t have a video or screenshot.

I’m on Android, if that helps.

Anyone know why that happens and if possible, how to prevent it?

I try to set it differently, because I think my guild wars defense is kind of annoying and there are more than enough annoying PvP defenses out there.

edited for support template

I have already sent support ticket on Aug-23 …answer:
"…This is a known issue that our team is aware of. We are currently working to solve this issue. We hope to have a fix out as soon as possible…"

Mine resets as soon as I log in, should I send a support ticket?

Yep, mine have reset since this morning too. An ETA on this being fixed would be nice.