Puzzle Quest Remaster is Coming to the Switch!

Just saw that it is coming to the Nintendo eShop on September 19th.

Is this coming to other platforms as well ?


Salty’s streams make a lot more sense now. Cool cool. Lol

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Time for me to go play it for the 4th time, and 5th, and 6th, and… :smiley:

Seems to include a lot of new content and all the old DLC.

Anyone happen to know where more info on the Puzzle Quest Switch launch can be found aside from on the page itself? Curious if there is a change log anywhere for the Switch version relative to the final version over a decade ago.

Here’s hoping it comes to PC one day. :crossed_fingers:
I loved this game so much!

i hope my eyes arent playing tricks on me but i looks a lot faster :D.