Looking for a beginner friendly Guild (Switch) (2nd try :-))


to my person:

I’m addicted to Steve Fawkner’s games since the good old Warlords 2 deluxe days. Puzzle Quest on NDS might be my most played game series on this platform. I didn’t know of GoW since the announcement in the switch eShop. And because Puzzle Quest was mentioned prominently in it it was an instant download for me.

Just because of Warlords and Puzzle Quest I instantly bought the two starter packs and after 5 hour of playing the armor pack with this max bonus stats armor.

To this point I have no idea what the whole guild-thing is all about. Seems veeeery confusing to me. So many things to do I know nothing about. So I’m looking for a guild that is completely noob-friendly and giving me the chance to explore the guild part game mode and have some fun.
The bad: I’m not willing to say that I play every day. There are also other games on my list and I have a real life with a lot of Darts and some fish tanks.
The good: I’m a passionate gamer and if fun is high my playtime will also be high (I sunk 900 hrs. into Xenoblade Chronicles for example).
So I can’t promise anything but everythings possible I think. I swear I’m not looking for rewards but for fun. That’s what I want to have when not working.

So if there’s a (Switch-)Guild out there plz PM me!!!

@Sirrian If you read this:
W2D was not only a game for me. It was a hole period of my (and many of my friends) life. It’s where it all began: My whole passion for gaming.
To the day TBS is my passion even if it’s a bit oldschool I think. I’ll take the chance here and now to give you a big hug and say: THANX FOR ALL!


Epsilon is recruiting ten active players; minimum requirements are 30k gold, 500 seals, and 50 trophies weekly. All player levels welcome. Optional Discord: Epsilon

If it’s ok for you that I have to explore all the new options (don’t know what seals and throphies are and how to earn them for example) then I’d be happy! Maybe you give me a week or so for getting in.
So you need my invite-code I think. As soon as I found it I’ll PM it to you and/or edit my profile. I saw this code yesterda I just can’t find it in the moment… :smile:

The invite code will be in your settings, trophies are generally earned in PVP (player vs player), the arena, and guild events. You earn seals just by playing, in the guild tab will be a list that provides details on how many seals you earn based on what matches etc. I like to provide a two week leeway for new recruits

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OK - I updated my profile.

I can’t find you, what system do you play on?

Switch - look at the thread title… :rofl:

Lol sorry a bit delayed. We’re on PC/Mobile and at present there’s no cross platforms.

Totally my fault

Don’t know how good the game is supported but hopefully it’s coming in the future!
Nonetheless: Thanx!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:


I just want to make a second try. This time maybe a bit more structured since I know the game better.

I’m playing since day one (Switch) and playing every day so far. I’m VIP 6 atm so I can say I spent about double the money I initially planned. For the (roundabout) 10 days the Switch version is out I think I have a pretty good collection and I’m proud to tell I reached PvP Rank 1 before the reset today.
But now: self promotion mode off.

What am I looking for?

I’m looking for a Noob friendly but active guild. I have a guild at this moment but half of the people are inactive and the guild boss is not kicking anybody. So many goals cannot be reached and I’m experiencing a bit of frustration.
I’m not expecting a top-notch guild but not one where 8 out of 20 people do not spend ANY gold and seals.

At the moment I’m playing on a daily basis. This can change. And I’m not expecting anyone in the guild to do so. We all have real life. And we’re playing for fun (hopefully) and not for having a second job to do.
I just want to see some activity from the guild members while totally accepting that everybody makes a break every now and then. And I’m not expecting anyone paying money for the game like I did. F2P players are absolutely fine for me.

While writing this post I can say that spending 50.000 gold a week and reaching the 1500 seals cap (I read this numbers in other noob-friendly guild recruitment threads) should be easily managable by me. (In fact I did this in about three days last week.) The time my kingdoms are leveled (I still have a lot, lot, lot of work here) there’s potential for much more gold.

So if somebody is interested - please contact me.



Hi, Im also Looking for a new Guild / Same as Loco, I play a lot and currently im the only one in my guild that is doing any event.

Thanks in advance

Yo cree un clan hace 3 diaa somos lvl 11 casi, se llama NewKama Kenpo, soys todos bienvenidos al mundo de la switch con nosotros,

Unete bro, tenemos hueco para ti y maa gente

Dejo mi guild y me mandas invité? O como te busco

Hola loco, yo te invito al mio lleva 4 5 dias y es lvl 11,apenamos llegamos a 9 personas y todo ayuda se agradecería, se llama NewKama Kenpo, un saludo

NewKama Kenpo unete o dime cuando entras y te busco en el chat

You still looking? Cause I’m recruiting.

No, thank you. This is 3 years in the past! Waking the dead…