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Puzzle Quest 3 Announced!

Puzzle Quest 3!

@505_Games: The Original Puzzle RPG returns when Puzzle Quest 3 launches later this year!
:crossed_swords:Prepare to embark on a legendary new quest!:crossed_swords:

Stay up to date and follow our journey:

#PuzzleQuest3 #PrepareForANewQuest https://twitter.com/505_Games/status/1352254694140358658/video/1

This could be good, pretty excited about this one.


Just beat me to it while it’s 1 am and I’m monitoring socials, why don’t you?

I kid, I was prepping a post but I’m glad you’re excited @Ghaleon.


Neat! Hoping for some crossover potential - e.g., installing PQ3 earns some rewards in GoW, or maybe troops acquired in GoW unlock as playable characters in PQ3.

I can dream, can’t I?


You certainly can dream, @XLS78. I hope they are pleasant ones.



When I read the title I thought I finally understood why the devs would release such a horribly designed world event week. But then I read this…

… And now their thought process eludes me again. I’ve never played a Puzzle Quest before. But I’m happy for those who enjoy the franchise. The designers of Gems of War keep me on plenty of personal mental Puzzle Quests as is.


What I find strange is that Puzzle Quest games have typically been B2P without microtransactions (IIRC) and majorly single player.

Announcing PQ3 as a free-to-play game means microtransactions which are usually less popular in single player games which would imply that PQ3 might have greater multiplayer experience than previous games.

And that to me sounds a lot like Gems.

I get that new games need to eventually be developed but having 2 games in the same genre by the same publisher and developer? Sounds weird to me but I guess it is still early to say.


Wait, it’s going to be an F2P game? Please tell me this is just a cruel joke. :weary:

I very much enjoyed the PQ games, I’d buy another similar one any time. However, seeing the way IP2 has handled GoW the past year I just couldn’t get paid enough to play another of their games likely to receive regular updates centered solely around cranking up the wallet pressure. If this isn’t a pay once, play offline title I’d rather install some adware instead.


Internally called it correctly :slight_smile: Well, I was 80/20 on it (had to keep open the possibility of a new IP), to be honest. From a business perspective, it made much more sense to develop PQ3 over a new IP.

It would be a large missed opportunity, IMO, if there was not a connection between the two games. Gems of War is still performing fantastically well for a game of its age. If there was one significant vulnerability of the game, it would be the lack of exposure and recognition in the market.

  • How familiar are newer players with the Puzzle Quest brand currently, given the large number of years since the last game? Likely few.

  • How many people who like/love the critically acclaimed Puzzle Quest games know that Gems of War is made by the same developers? Among players in the previous group, likely even fewer.

At least in my head canon, there is a large opportunity for the refreshing of the brand. A new retail game gives the brand a fresh presence, which can then be used to generate awareness for Gems of War and grow the game’s playerbase further. Really hoping to see ties between Etheria and Krystara in the new game.

In any case, congrats on the formal game announcement!

EDIT: I see the news reports from the PR release stating that the game is a base F2P game. That cools expectations a bit and I hope that PQ3 does not cannibalize players from GoW and hurt both franchises. I have to wonder a bit if sales of the PQ remake on Switch partially drove this decision.

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PQ3? Cool!

No Console? Argh!

F2P? Oh no!

Ok, not interessered - i hoped Gems will get better features, after years of mostly uninspired, boring updates. But the PQ3 strategy sound dangerous for that.

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Where? (Less than 10)

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Salty, please let them know some type of speed enhancement would be awesome. Like GOW has 4x speed — having that option would be a wonderful gift.

Here’s one of the many PR posts I’ve found:

Earlier this month, publisher 505 Games acquired Infinity Plus Two, the Australian studio that created the hybrid match-three/RPG series Puzzle Quest. This morning 505 Games announced Puzzle Quest 3, a free-to-play sequel that takes place 500 years…

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Personally I consider a press release different from a gaming site article. And I’m not saying they are wrong. I would just like to see the actual press release or anything directly from 505 Games stating it’s free to play. So far it’s all been people reporting it as free to play without sharing the actual citation.

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Here’s the press release I found with several mentions of PQ3 being free-to-play:


I’ve come to loathe the F2P model. I would’ve been in if PQ3 had, like its predecessors, an up front cost for the title. Fruitless grinding & price chiseling annoyances are major downsides.

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Thank you!
Now that we got that settled.

Can anyone remind me of what Infinity Plus 2 other F2P game is that isn’t modeled anything like GoW?
I played it for like a day and uninstalled. It wasn’t bad, just wasn’t for me.

If it has that dungeon style PQ2 had or micro transactions I’ll pass.

The way they have treated players and gow this past year, I have no confidence in their ability, therefore no more purchases.


On the plus side, maybe the lack of meaningful updates was due to them working on PQ3 and once released we might finally get some big updates in Gem.

But that could mean that the lack of updates was because of PQ3 development then we can expect nothing big for Gems this year either until PQ3’s release. And to be really pessimistic, the release of PQ3 could mean winding down the development of Gems in favor of the newer game.


What does this mean for GoW? Should we be worried here? PQ3 looks neat ,but I love GoW and don’t want it abandoned. Maybe my tinfoil hat is on to tight and I’m worrying for nothing ? :sweat_smile:


I’m a little worried too. Only devs know what is planned for GoW after the release of PQ3.
Salty for sure will come and say that GoW won’t be abandoned, but that’s what community manager need to say in any case, even if GoW indeed will be abandoned.