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Purchasing custom-tailored Redeem Code

Is it possible for Guild Leaders… or any players, even… to purchase our own Redeem code package so we can hand out to our own guild members? This could possibly spice up guild interaction, allowing us to host our own internal events.

To avoid exploitation, you can just limit each purchase to only 30 count usage. Basically just enough for the entire guild.


As a fellow guild leader, I would like to tell all of my guild members not to get their hopes up.


While this would be nice, I feel that exploitation is still a major concern, even with the 30 count usage. There are still a large number of other ways it could be abused. Re-selling and fake guilds just to get redeem codes would be the main two off the top of my head.

There might be a way to do guild based events once the EULA stuff is sorted out on the devs side, but my guess is that it would have to take place on the forums to help prevent abuse.

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Sorry, I’m not sure how the fake guild is going to be an issue… the whole transaction is a one-shot purchase of a 30-usage Redeem code from the game company. Whatever happens to the said code afterward is really a player-player issue…

Essentially buying the codes for personal use. Yes money is spent and all that, but unless they make the value of it equal to all the items in the code x30 (which would probably cost quite a bit, making it not really worth it for honest guild leaders) then it can basically be used as another pay-to-win method.

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Well , A redeem code is only usable once per account. So the personal use situation you mentioned will only be relevant if the same person owns 30 accounts… Which, i guess in light of the recent Swan Giba fiasco, can actually be a problem.

So yea, the trick here is to find a sweet spot between bulk price and possible exploitation. If anything, I’m simply suggesting an alternate venue for the game company to offer their merchandise

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So many things in the guild update it had to be split in 2. I would contain my enthusiasm if i were you.

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I think that a guild master (maybe even the rank right below him/her) should be allowed to from their own inventory be able to donate glory/gem/event keys to members of their guild, there should be a cap on how much they can give based on factors like guild level.

The best way I can think of to have a program like this work (and can possibly be done in a guild update however unlikely) is this:

-Every task completed earns the guild master a random level 1/2/3 key up to the guild’s level allowance.

-Each level key can open a random chest:
-Level 1: gold/glory
-Level 2: glory/gems
-Level 3: gems/event

-Guild members can only be assigned a level key from the top 2 tiers of the guild and the top 2nd tier can only be given level keys by the guild master.

-At changeover, unused level keys are reset and are either lost or converted into tokens at a steep price.

These are my thoughts, how does anyone else feel?

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I think they should just make a “Guild Gift” purchase where you can buy it and it gives something to everyone in your guild. Could be as simple as Gem Keys for all. No reason to limit it to just the leader and it could be a great way for payers to spend more and help support non-payers. Seems like a win-win for everyone.


I’m not really sure what’s the point of this.

Redeem codes are a great way to give people in-game rewards from outside the game, even without having an in-game connection with them. But for guild members you don’t need this - all you have to do is complete guild tasks: a gem task, a soul task, a map task and a key task should have about the same value as a single redeem code, complete these and everyone in the guild gets them.

The problem is that the gold to dollars ratio is awful. I seriously doubt anyone ever buys gold for real money to complete guild tasks. It would also be much easier to implement than buying redeem codes.