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Hi Kafka! I’m Crisp-Purpose on YouTube and I was told your the person to contact regarding the possibility of getting redeem codes! I’m a gems of war YouTuber that livestreams daily for 4 hours playing gems of war! I also showcase Explore teams,PVP teams, Guild wars teams as well a series called Viability Ranking in which I rank troops as they are added to the game each week! I would like to be able to give a redeem code to viewers whenever I livestream! I was told to contact you by 3 viewers that usually stop by my livestreams Genki Colleen, Isabel Archer and Cookie! Hopefully you know who they are based on those names lol! Please let me know if this is possible!


@Kafka @Jeto


My YouTube link:


Seen many of his streams, consistent streamer and had a pretty good following.


ooo yes please! Redeem codes would be awesome!
His streams are very helpful to the GOW community :raised_hands:t4::blush:


I wouldn’t bet on the Customer Experience team visiting the Community Content section often. If you don’t get any response, maybe open a ticket here, category “Game questions”.

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Wouldn’t be the game experience, that you can share with your viewers, be much more authentic, if you did not receive free bonus stuff beyond what regular players get?

Also, promoting a game and getting things of monetary value in return sounds pretty much like paid advertisement.

Redeem codes is free stuff for the viewers, not free stuff for the streamer.

Well, yes, that sort of sums up the idea. The streamer gets some goodies to attract more viewers with, the company providing the goodies gets their product promoted in a positive way. The usual strings apply, no company wants to pay you for bad publicity, so there may be topics important to viewers you might no longer be able to stream about without getting into trouble.


As it was already explained, the codes aren’t a bonus for crisp but for his viewers. And they only start to give them out to people who already promote the game on their own, like Tacet or Genki.

Giving him codes to give out would be nice for everyone - Crisp, his viewers, and the company.


crisp would not be able to use the codes for his own benefit either, he is a playstation player, codes CANNOT be redeemed for that platform


Yeah absolutely. That would be awesome. Crisp is really good content creator.


Crisp is always looking out for his subscribers in the GOW community. As a newer player I love watching streams to learn new things regarding the game & redeem codes would be appreciated. :gem:


Right. I totally forgot about that.

Too bad codes still don’t work for console players.


Crisp! It’s good you’re helping out man. :sunglasses::+1:t4:

(YouTubers can’t catch a break in these here parts… :joy::sweat_smile:)

Yea, we’re left out. :man_shrugging:


@CrispPurpose876 I’ll check out your channel and reach out :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for that! Looking forward to your reply​:sunglasses::vulcan_salute: @Kafka


:man_facepalming: The internet can’t stop being the internet (I like that saying by the way). To be annoyed is human. :man_shrugging:


It’s a fair point, though, isn’t it? The internet has a long memory, too, so imagine if there’s worse out there.

He’s asking to be one of the public faces of GoW, but writes comments that would get him a ban on here. The smart move would be not to engage, just like the Devs do here, let the player vent and move on.


Right?? I totally agree! The fact he went all the way back to the post…yikes. But the messed up part is that he didn’t even screenshot the whole conversation :woman_facepalming:t4:

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Hello :slight_smile:

I am closing this topic as it breaks community guildines.

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