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A problem with the new code system

First of all, I have to say I’m not using codes myself. I’m pretty advanced in the game and the rewards from codes make little difference to me, so I’d rather leave the codes for newer players.

Someone from my guild was having problems activating a code, and then another member did it for them right after having activated the same code for himself. That made me think: The way codes work now, nothing stops anyone from activating the same code multiple times for other people, like all members of the their guild. I even saw someone in global saying they’re claiming the code for their guildmates, like I thought.

Unless I’m missing some kind of limitation, I personally don’t think this system is fair. It will make codes be completely used up really quickly, while leaving other people with no bonuses.

I can’t really think of a good solution for this right now. You could ask for people’s password, but I think only people who have linked their accounts to an email address have passwords, so that might be an issue. But I do think this is an issue and bringing this up might make someone come up with a better solution.


This came up in part of the discussion in @KrudlerTheHorse 's redeem code thread. I agree with you; password should be required (and everyone has a password).


lol I actually feel a little ashamed that, as a guild leader I didn’t think about entering the code for all my members. I’d rather they just unlock the codes from quantity of uses and add an expiration date (even. 24 hours or less would be fine).

…and add a password because I don’t want to feel obligated to enter 30 different players every time a new code comes out lol. :wink:


While I am in a similar place as @MakoSipper, end game and the trouble of entering codes is not worth the reward, I have only one thing to add.

In a game that is unabashedly RNG based, these codes have always felt like the devs way to “make it rain” and give us, the players, a little incentive (read carrot). If that were the case, why not just make the codes 1 per account, rather than have a usage limit. Nothing they offer is earth shattering or game-breaking, just allow anybody to benefit from it if you plan to offer them, imho.

I know that doesn’t solve the issue of one person entering for the entire guild… BUT… if somebody in the guild takes it upon themselves to be the CODEMASTER for the guild. I don’t have a problem with that. That just adds to the comraderie of being in a Guild, and if the codes were limited to 1 per account then it wouldnt matter because everybody would still be entitled to their carrot, em, incentive, regardless to the speed with which those Codemasters input for their guild.

tl;dr- Allow every code to be used once per account and it doesn’t matter if somebody is redeeming for their guildmates because it wont invalidate the code for other players. :wink:


Yes, and make codes expire based on date, rather than usage.


That was the last piece of the puzzle that I wanted to mention, but I already had a wall of text going on!

Each code is open for 24 hours, 1 use per account, then anybody has a chance at it if they are active daily.

That’s a win for devs and a win for players! :wink:


Food for thought: Codes that give returns specific to the relative “account level” of the person using them.

So high level players have little to no incentive to use them, lower players the opposite.


Flesh this out more for me @KrudlerTheHorse, are you saying:

  1. The devs have planned it this way so that high level players like myself and @MakoSipper have no interest in the codes, but they are still awesome drops for low level players?


2.That they should modify the codes so that the awards are appropriate per account level to create a desire in higher level players?


3.They should further exaggerate the returns so that low level players gain MORE resources than higher level players making the codes especially beneficial for noobs?

THANKS! :wink:

Either way, I don’t like it. I prefer the expiration by date much more, no usage limitation (except, ofc, each account can only claim the rewards once). It kinda puts an end to the need to make it less interesting for high-level players.


I believe @KrudlerTheHorse is referring to option 3.

Though I agree with @MakoSipper once per account, and requiring a password to activate. (expiration date or usage limitation, either is fine with me)

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That would be overkill I guess. The idea of “once per account” instead of a global limit of usage is to remove the need for additional authentication (even if someone used the code for their whole guild - or another 1k players :wink: - it won’t hinder anyone else). I like this idea and my guess it would be easier to implement for the devs and, most importantly, for the players to use than with the password.

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The code system itself is not a problem. Players/Guilds who are abusing it are.

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In theory, I agree, but the system is problematic if it ignores the players’ behavior… Let’s be honest, they won’t stop redeeming just because you asked them nicely :wink:


Actually the code system is a problem, as it is not working for me.

For the last 3 codes that have been mentioned in Marthos Guardians’ guild chat, I’ve been getting the same error:

“There was an error while saving”…

Me too here…

That error for me was because I didn’t have everything in Caps - including my Invite code.

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That does seem to help a bit. I didn’t type my invite code in all caps previously. When I do that now it says the code is expired, so that’s progress I guess… At least it’s not an error anymore… :wink:

I saw somewhere in the forum either this thread or another code thread - a listing of the errors and what they mean.

Really like this idea. Allow everyone to Redeem a code for 12 hrs and issue fewer codes!

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Can definately confirm this new redeem code system is broken. Anyone can redeem all their friends now!

@Nimhain @Sirrian please consider unlimited redeem on codes within a short timeframe and fewer codes, if needed. This new approach needs refinement.


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