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Increase Redeem Codes Quantity

As title suggests. I remember reading somewhere that there are currently 200 uses per code. Whatever the specific number, it may have worked a year ago, but it is far too small with the current playerbase. Codes are dead before newer players, who would benefit the most from them, have a chance to figure out how to redeem them. I’ve seen them die in 3 minutes, where they used to last an average of 20 or so.

They’re not the only thing that suffers from a lack of scaling, but they are the easiest to fix. @Saltypatra, please put in a request to increase the number or time frame of code redeems. There’s no need for them to be as frustrating as they currently are.


If you this, Please expand redeem codes to all platforms that will allow them.

EA didn’t back down when a platform refused to allow one of the best deals in gaming on their platform… They just put it every were else.

How about posting redeem codes on twitter now and then. Gearbox used to do that for Borderlands. It would probably get you more followers as well. Instead of putting a redeem #, make the code time based, say 1 hour from posting.


From what I understand, Microsoft was okay with having these, but Sony wasn’t, so to make it “fair” the Devs didn’t allow codes for either. Which doesn’t make sense to me, because, while both Xbox and Sony are consoles, we have separate “ecosystems” (Guilds, etc) or whatever you call it.

At least that’s what I’ve been told. Never played on PS4, so I have no idea. But each console does have a different Guild Recruitment section on these Forums, so I assume we are indeed separate. And, if we are, then that furthers the reason why we should be able to have redeem codes if Microsoft is okay with it. Just because Sony is an A hole doesn’t mean we (Xbox players) should suffer for it. And I would feel the exact same way if the roles were reversed.

Edit: Though, to be fair, to my knowledge, Console players are the only ones that have Daily Tasks. So, it probably does all “come out in the wash”.

  1. I would feel the same if reversed too. Microsoft has been ANTI-GAMER in the past (just like Sony is on this issue) from time to time. Microsoft very frequently reversees themselves when shown the error of their ways. There is nothing like competition to keep companies in line.

  2. Well your statement about “comes out in the wash” will be completely ruined when PC Mobile get Daily Tasks. Those platforms needed Unity first, which they now have… So “soon”.

Right. I understand that. I just means, as it stands now, but yes, when PC Mobile gets them, since they have codes too, it would be unbalanced then.