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[Purchase Issue - Please contact support] Ring of wonder ist not activ

I have buyed the ring of wonder on 01. 06. 2020 but it is not activ its buyed but never come on my Account. I not amused that you have closed my case. RING OF WONDER is not active. I will never buy things for this game.

Did you get an email from Sony after purchase? Your purchase order number will be on that email, you then provide that number and a screen shot of receipt to the devs and they will fix the problem.

If you don’t provide this information how can the devs fix this problem for you? If you received no email from Sony your purchase wasn’t successful and you lost nothing.

We forwarded all mail from Sony and the transaction as well

@Mina1101 did you write to us at support?
You can do so using this link if you haven’t already:

Please make sure to include a copy of your receipt, this article shows where to find it: