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[PS4] Troop rarity order not updating

Got it in a vid so its easier to see what i mean.

After upgrading troops to higher rarity, unlike my already upgraded chimaera these new troops arent updated to order on rarity. I even reloaded the game which didnt fix it.

Could it be sorting by base rarity instead of upgraded rarity? Would need to check that.

Chimaera is sorted by upgraded rarity, chimaera isnt initially leg.

Sorting by Upgradable (14-1) doesn’t always give the correct results. changing it to Level (15-1) and back to Upgradable (14-1) will usually fix this. on PC, this option always gives me troops available for ascension first and then traits. On PS4, it’s traits and then ascension

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The PS4 client doesn’t sort on updates made during the current session. So for instance, you can level a troop then sort by Level (15-1) and that troop will not show the new level but instead will reflect the old one. The same is done on Rarity. The fix is to close completely out of the client and open it again.


This is correct. It’s happened to me a few times, most recently as yesterday when I got another shadow dragon ascended to mythic then levelled up to 20. I was sharing pics via psn group messages and was showing my guild my 20’s and shadow dragon wasn’t with the rest of them until I restarted the game.

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thanks guys for thinking along, ill see if it worked. Anyway this is my last day on the internet as im disconnecting from tomorrow and on so i wish you all well. :slight_smile:

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the game doesn’t re sort on rarity until you actually restart the game. I bet the missorted troops are ones you just ascended.
this is a known bug if it’s what I think it is. it should resort every time you enter the troop menu. previously it would always resort, and that was annoying if you were trying to ascend multiple troops.