PS4 issue notification for PlaystationPlus users

On the PS4, there is a free “Playstation Plus” bundle that folks who pay for the PlaystationPlus service are able to get one time for free. It was a bundle of gems, coins, etc.

Well, with our update yesterday, people could download that bundle over and over… that was obviously not intended.

We’ll get the bundle fixed & corrected in a few days. Until then, we’ve changed that bundle to offer only a single gold coin. That is there to prevent folks from abusing the multiple download issue.

Once we get a fix that stops the abuse, we’ll return the contents of the bundle to their original state.

Thanks to the alert users who pointed this out to us. And for those users who abused the glitch, please know that we have identified your accounts. (It’s not a tremendous number of people - faith in inherent goodness +10!)

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I did not abuse the ps4 glitch system but then again i am too poor to afford one so that is enjoyable.

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