Ps store vs in game store?

Not sure if this is the right place or if it’s been asked before but the actual PS store is offering 15 Gems daily for 2 weeks for £3.69 but the in game store offer is daily souls. My question is; would I get any VIP points for a direct purchase from PS store or does it have to be in game store?

I’ve never made a purchase directly from the PS Store, but since it updates the app, you should get your VIP points.

Also, the daily gem packages should be available from within the game store - I’ve purchased that myself a number of times. I’m not near my PS right now, so I can’t verify that the daily gems bundle is available (and I’m in a different region, so what I see wouldn’t necessarily match what you see anyway). You should have options for daily souls, daily souls and daily maps, all at the same price, I think.

Hey Yourmum,

If you purchase the 15 Gems Daily bundle through the PlayStation Store, your purchase will be given to you the next time you open up the game. You will receive VIP Points for this purchase as if it was bought through the in-game store. We do recommend only purchasing it once though as subscriptions do not currently stack (e.g. 2 subscriptions will only be 15 days, not 30).