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Problem with my account in JcJ

Sorry for my english, i speak spanish… well… My problem is my rank in JcJ, I had between 1100 - 1200 in point broken needle (Aguja rota), now in this moment i have just 549, I dont understand what happened.

I hope you can help me please.

My Account is TroyanEXE.

Hi Troyan,

Ranked JcJ is based on the weekly event each, so when the weekly event changes, JcJ is reset.

This allows players to gain more rewards each week and keep the JcJ ladder fresh.

The PvP event resets every week. One possible goal is to get to 1900 so you can get the maximum reward. I hope this helps.

Edit: sniped

oooh! I feel like a stupid!
Thanks for such a quick response guys!