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Primal and Vault kingdoms when?

Soon TM or not?
My circles are great


1 like from me for the great circles!


I have a feeling that’s some wierdo feature of the beta client than a sign they actually plan the kingdoms.

Anyone who could tell us what happens when you tap those is probably bound to not tell us :stuck_out_tongue:


She scrolled down to the bottom of the map and said something like “Oops, you guys weren’t supposed to see that yet” and scrolled back up tot he top of the map. So while we can’t say that they’ll be regular kingdoms, I don’t think it’s just something that’s in the dev kit not meant for production.


I watched the video from last night stream and I didn’t saw the part where she scrolls down. It got edited?

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Way to go @jzg. I think you just ruined their surprise. :wink::laughing:
Surely there will also be an Apocalypse kingdom as well? Can’t wait to have them all 3 :star:. Lol
And guild guardians??? :thinking:


It was very much at the end. I had to go back and look at it after the stream.

At some point in the last 2 minutes, her camera froze. While it was frozen, she put up the code. Shortly after that, the camera came back and she scrolled around for some reason, revealing this part of the map. She quickly scrolled away and mentioned we weren’t supposed to see it.


Oh ya I just saw it now. I had close the video when I saw the camera gone that’s why I didn’t get it at first

When? I think they’ll be available right with Apocalypse and Guardians kingdoms.

@Taransworld found some banners recently. I was surprised that nobody comment about them…

So 4 new kingdoms? The map is going to be overloaded :stuck_out_tongue: .

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There’s going to be a new map I thought? An underworld that the Friday kingdom will be on?


My guesses are:

  1. Pride
  2. Guild Guardians
  3. Apocalypse
  4. The Vault
  5. Dhrak-Zum

Use your words @Ozball. :wink:

I summon thee @Ozball grant us wisdom and eternal life!

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I’m just pointing out that the localtion of Dhrak-Zum and the banner were both shown on the stream yesterday by Salty :stuck_out_tongue: (it’s not on some new map, and it’s not one of the 5 banner linked above)


So what you’re saying is the fifth banner will be on the new map (probably new kingdom in 2-3 months)? Or was that idea scrapped?

You all saw nothing.



Or you are trying to distract us. That’s so illuminaughty.


So the vault will get a kingdom and nothing for the imps and apocalypse?

@Taransworld found that the last banner (i.e. thunderbolt) has the same id than Apocalypse’s kingdom (each kingdom has a number).
I guess that the next kingdom will use the 1st banner (i.e. eye for a beholder kingdom).

We only saw a part of the map and so, only two new kingdoms. Kingdoms ofthe imps and apocalypse are surely in another part of the map that we didn’t see during the stream.
If you check previous posts, banners for all kingdoms have been found.