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Predators is recruiting for active players [Rebuilding]

Predators is looking for active players who want to participate in rebuilding an older guild that has great battle bonuses (maxed guild guardians).

Minimum Requirements

  • Hero Level 300+
  • 250k gold
  • 1,000 seals
  • 100 trophies
  • Event participation (use free sigils / 30 guild wars battles)
  • Communication (guild chat)

What We Can Offer

  • A casually competitive place to play
  • A chance for you to participate in bringing an older guild back from the dead (GTs not fully completed, 10k seals, some event reward tiers completed)
    • But wait…it’s not truly dead! It’s just mostly dead.

Join us and help us bring the Predators back to full life (Let’s complete GTs, 40k seals, Top Event Reward tiers) once again.

Interested? Send a PM to @RottenSis or do an in-game guild search for ‘Predators’ and pull up a roster seat, the door is open.