Join Dark Tidings at The Golden Keep!

Hey guys! Dark Tidings at The Golden Keep is recruiting! We have one spot open as of now! Our weekly requirements are as follows: 300k gold (after kingdoms are leveled to 10; currently 100% of our guild is able to donate…we finish all basic tasks and 1-3 epic tasks weekly & constantly growing in that area), 2k guild seals, and 300 trophies. We would prefer you to be leveled to at least 100 to show commitment, but we can (& have before) made exceptions :smiley: . We ask that you play at least your free sigils for the world event each week, and 30 guild war battles. The last one is a given, but obviously respect everyone & be kind.

& if Dark Tidings isn’t the guild for you, we have a number of guilds at TGK looking!!
Predators is looking for 5 active players: Level <400: no gold - 1000s - Events, 400+: 250k - 1000s - Events
Wasted Talent is looking for 1 active player: 800k gold, 300 trophies, all events; guild wars optional (B20’s)
Hung Jury is looking for 2 active players: 500k gold, 1k seals, 200 trophies, all guild events, 30 guild wars battles (B13-15)

Find us on discord: The Golden Keep
Add me on discord: HazySpirits#3605

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Spot has been filled for Dark Tidings. Please check out our other guilds that are recruiting as well!

See the guild you want, but all full? Pop over to our discord server & get on the waiting list! :slight_smile: