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Power Gems a great to join for Former Power Gems and new recruits

@Syngo2 and I will be leading the rebirth of Power Gems.

We went 9 to 15 members in just a few days of recruiting. We are rebuilding Power Gems as the newest TUF guild.

Your guild was near the top, in GW bracket 1 and the top 50 when it blew up. Because of the 47 days the guild was held hostage by an inactive GM we have many brackets and ranks to rise against to get back where Power Gems was. I’m not telling you it will be easy, but I am telling you it will happen.

@Syngo2 cared about this guild so much that she missed out on rewards and waited in an inactive guild until support could free the guild. Now that we have control back we’ll make quick progress.

What took down the guild last time was a different of opinion about the direction of the guild. That will never be a problem for our reborn guild. Now they are part of TUF. That means our team of 10 admins will prevent the loss of a single admin from derailing a guild. We’re also a no drama guild. Drama is not our culture.

The very conflict that broke up Power Gems is also moot in TUF. We have guilds for every combination of GW or GW optional. High reqs or low reqs. We even have a vacation guild for when things are too busy in your RL. We do it all. So your objectives change it’s just a transfer from one guild to another during our weekly swaps. 2 weeks ago I was a heavy hitter in #5 TUF:Unrepentant for almost a year. Then last week I was GM for #48 TUF:Abaddon and this week I joined the leadership for TUF:Power Gems on my one year TUF anniversary.

TUF one of the three top super guilds. Even our developmental guild TUF:Purgatory is top 100. We believe a fun atmosphere makes people play more.

I expect many of you will until the reborn guild is getting further along. We will be waiting.

Note: if you do leave a current guild only do so on a Monday. We wouldn’t want you to mess up some other guild GW. We can wait another week. Also let me know what guild you’re coming from so I can bump their recruiting post to keep them near the top.


T.U.F. . alternative for Intrim ^^ :sunglasses:

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Good point Power Gems was NEAR the top, not literally at the top being in bracket 1, updated wording @Terrorist . There’s Intrim and Anonymous, then everyone else. TUF is one of the top of the “everyone else”. :sunglasses:


True Story :wine_glass: :slight_smile:

but i waiting for Intrim 5,6,7 and 8 and 9 (iorony) :rofl:

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You only have to wait for 7, 8 and 9.

We already have Intrim 5 and 6 :slight_smile:


wow I did not know :no_mouth:

Good luck to the TUF family. :slight_smile:

Hope you can bring PG back to its former heights.


We’re working on it. :slight_smile: If anyone can we’re definitely on the short list. I hope to see you in bracket 1 one of these days with the new TUF:Power Gems. It will take some time for sure, but I don’t give up on my goals.

None Of The Above


I wish good luck and perseverance :slight_smile:

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thanks, we are working hard on it

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Are you looking for new recruits? :wink:


It is true Power Gems have joined TUF, it is great being part of such a wonderful superguild. Their support and encouragement has been awesome. Please watch as we revive the guild and let us know if you would like to be part of the revival.
We would love to have you come home.


Yes, please send me message on discord. Syngo2 #4855

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Yes we are totally looking for new recruits @dennisbp Some of the former Power Gems gave up on the game in the meantime. Come say hi on our discord server and ask for Power Gems! You can also send @Syngo2 your invite code, but the knowledge of TUF wait in our discord server.

I joined The Unholy Family because several of my guildmates left and told me how organized it was and how much help they had gotten, I must admit I have seen players join us at very low level and be on the top of the leaderboards in a few weeks, not to mention we have a great social atmosphere that had no drama, and we all work as a team to make this game as great as it can be and share our knowledge, if you are looking for a new home, this is that and more, you get to be a part of our Family

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Thanks for sharing your story @A01020201.

If anyone is looking today, TUF:Power Gems is holding their gold drops until Wednesday so that new recruits can get guild tasks.

If you’re already in a guild that takes Guild Wars seriously, we’re fine waiting until after reset for you to join. We don’t like it when people mess up our Guild Wars and we don’t want to do it to others, even though we’re rebuilding. We’ve gone from 9 to 16 in the last few days. I’m happy with our progress.

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7 more hours to join TUF: Power Gems to get guild task rewards.

We started dropping gold. We have 2 tasks finished and everything else is 7/12 or higher in our first two hours dropping gold.

That’s great for the first week after rebirth. I hope to hit legendaries within a couple weeks.

Everyone is doing a great job. I couldn’t be happier with our decision to join TUF. All the members are so helpful. The TUF provides a great family atmosphere.
Come join TUF Power Gems in this exciting trip as we rise back.