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Recruiting Warriors Needed For Battle

I am Syngo2 the new GM for Power Gems.

Power Gems is currently ranked 58 in the league. We have lost several players for reasons we couldn’t control.
If you are interested in joining in the adventure to rebuild the Power Gems , please DM me on discord Syngo2#4855…
I am looking forward to the challenge.


That is a great comic


I wish I could take credit for it but I can’t. A very nice person and friend did it for me.


We’re still working out details, but TUF (The Unholy Family) has accepted Power Gems into our family. When we figure out the details, we’ll make an official statement. This means TUF:Power Gems will have the backing of one of the three top superguilds with a large leadership team to help prevent the sort of breakup that happened to the original Power Gems.

You can now join Power Gems and get that startup feeling as they rise back into the top 50. At the same time you’ll be part of a large highly active global 24/7 discord with lots of useful game advice and fun people to hang with.

TUF is a no-drama family of guilds. We like things chill even if we have multiple top 50 guilds. Our philosophy is that people play more when they’re having fun.

We have a variety of reqs across our guilds so that you can keep the same friends even if you’re going to be busy at work for a few weeks. People switch between guilds in our family all the time (space permitting).

Currently I’m GM of TUF:Abaddon, but I plan to move over. I’ll be doing one task by myself.


You can now use the TUF discord to come talk to the Power Gems and the other TUF guilds. Don’t forget to mention Power Gems!

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To all new recruits, Save your gold for next week and wait until Wednesday to drop gold.

Since we’ll be adding people all week, we want as much recruiting time as possible so more new recruits will get the tasks we complete.

None Of The Above

That is a great idea. We want all new recruits to have the opportunity to collect rewards from completed tasks.

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A big thanks to TUF for taking us into their family.
This is a great opportunity for all to be part of a great Superguild with a lot of supportive members.
Those of you who want to join in our quest to rise back up and have lots of fun, please contact me on discord. Syngo2#4855.
Don’t miss out join today.


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I’m really excited to join your team a rebuild a whole new guild. By the end of the year I want the guild back to 40K and legendaries.

Here’s a shorter version of the recruit URL. You can contact Syngo directly as in her post. You should still come visit the discord server so we can get you set up with the right permissions after you join to see all our team designs, gameplay tips and get the wealth of advice from one of the top superguilds.

Welcome to our new recruit OccultistDrugs. Thanks for joining. I’ve enjoyed our conversations.

After a few hours in TUF, he said he liked it so much he was going to ask his old guildmates to disband and join TUF. I think that’s about the highest endorsement I’ve heard yet. :slight_smile:

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So there’s some confusion inside TUF because of how recent Power Gems joined, so the cartoon is the current reqs. We will probably update reqs at some point but we’re not going to be jerks about reqs as a rebuilding guild.

Welcome to Power Gems Vexleigh and The Champion! Who else would join our band of adventurers?

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We just hit a new milestone. Just under a week ago there were 9 players on the TUF:Power Gems roster.

We just hit 18! Doubled our player base in week. Thanks so much to all the new recruits.

Power Gems. Join us as we rise back up the GW brackets and re-enter the top 50.

Honestly, these lower brackets are a lot of fun to play GW in. I know that’s one thing I’ll miss when Power Gems ascends to higher level GW.

Join us for the great community. @dennisbp Here’s where you tell us you’ve never looked back after you joined. :slight_smile:

Ironically, I went to bump the guild recruiting post of my friend’s guild and noticed our newest recruit had posted a message there before joining us. He said nice things about our guild there. Doh!

We finished 3 guild tasks so far and the other tasks are at least 8/12. This is really great for our first week with a halfish full guild. We will earn legendaries pretty soon.

Up to 19 on the roster with people joining after reset. It’s a good start.

A heavy hitter might be coming over next week, so we’d we might be finishing all tasks sooner than expected. No promises. Even without them, my goal is at least 4 tasks for the week and legendaries by the end of the month.

The fun about Power Gems is knowing we’re going to power up the GW brackets once we get full.

Openings now.

From NINE to NINETEEN in just over a week! Wow. All statues are well over level 100. More players plan to come over after reset. This guild is ascending quickly, be part of the rise. Join TUF: Power Gems.

With less than half a guild able to play guild wars (several recruits after Monday), we actually won our first GW night. On a per person basis we’ve been easily outscoring every opponent. We just need more of us, to start rising GW brackets.


TUF: Power Gems
Up to 22 now.
Welcome to all new recruits this will be fun rising back up.
Filling up fast so come join the fun.


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