Possible to play with troops i dont have when copy/paste teams from chat


When i copy/paste a team with 3xketras from guild chat, i can play with this team, the problem are i only have 1 ketras, another major bug from the devs.


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Also happens on PC/mobile. Whoops!

Edit: what’s the troop number for Zuul’Goth?

The devs know already, they’ve deleted one thread I know of about this bug. Trying to keep it quiet while they [don’t] fix it.

The amusing part is that for using it on troops you don’t have, they would be at default stats and no traits.

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In that case, paging @Lyya?

Doesn’t let you use troops or weapons that you do not own. Nor does it let you use more than one weapon. Or, you know, so I’ve heard. :upside_down_face:

You raaaaaaang?

(Sorry, what is the ask here?)

Threads on this topic have been deleted or buried in the past for some reason. *shrug*