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Arena available troops

Hi everyone,

I created this thread because i faced something really unusual that, in my opinion, is worth sharing.

For a change of pace, tonight i decided to do arena runs.

On one of those runs, i faced on match 3, as part of ennemy team, the settite warrior. On match 5, the dwarven slayer.

So as it seems unreleased troops have somehow made their way to arena. Or maybe where they ninja release this week? which i doubt.

I am on PS4

Have fun

They weren’t released.

So maybe your Arena opponents aren’t teams players build :thinking:

@Sirrian You know better than to fuel my conspiracy theories…

Hmm… I’m not sure how troops are marked as released-for-Arena on consoles, and our main console guy, Alpheon, is on leave this week (as is EVERYBODY in the whole country I think… Melbourne Cup day holidays in Aus seems to be the invitation for a week’s leave).

I’m going to hazard a guess that we’ve misunderstood how arena-releases are handled, and I’ll try to find some time to dig through the system today.

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Okay - we found a few oddities in the Arena troop selection for console that we’ve improved.
I can’t definitively say we’ve fixed the problem, but we’ve certainly improved things a little bit.

If anybody sees any more unreleased troops offered as a new choice in Arena on console though… if they could let us know, we’d appreciate that!


My lass played it a few days ago and both those warriors were on the opposite team. Setite and the other one.

Ok thanks Sirrian and Talia, that is surely not a big bug to have unreleased troops in arena. But nonetheless thanks Sirria.

I will do more runs today to see if others appear and will let you know.

See you