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Arena no longer updated? Yes! In 3.4

The troop pool for Arena seems to be quite outdated. Unless the RNG keeps trolling me in a major way, it hasn’t received any of the applicable troops released the past half year or so. The cynical voice in me keeps insisting it’s because they are too busy looking for a Dawnbringer solution, I won’t rule out having missed some announcement though. Was there any kind of info that Arena updates got discontinued? I’d really like to be able to pick some of the newer troops.


You’re not the only one noticing the situation. No troop that was released after Merlantis (and that includes Bright Forest, Shentang, and all the commons up to ultra-rares like Mammoth, Bulette and such) are not available to choose in the Arena.

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You should change this to a bug report thread then.

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There’s already a bug report thread, but it didn’t seem to get any kind of response:


The solution for Dawnbringer in Arena is trivially easy, they just don’t want to do it, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

FWIW, I’m still working on a large survey of Arena weapons and have seen big changes in weapon frequency even from when I last did this just a couple months back.

Not sure if any of the weapons are ‘new’ because I don’t pay that much attention to weapons when they are introduced! But all sorts of weapons I’d never seen before are turning up.

The big changes though are in frequency of the top weapons-- MORE DB, MUCH MORE Runic Blade, and suddenly lots of Mang (probably because Raid Boss & Invasion highlight its considerable virtues as a weapon).

I’ll have the final tally when I get 1000 weapon instances into my spreadsheet; I’m only at abut 600 right now so it will be awhile before I can show my work. :grin:

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Psst. Believe it or not this thread isn’t about Dawnbringer! We’re pointing out that starting with Merlantis, no “new kingdom” troops have been added to the rotation.

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Giant crab is in there, from merlantis. Little sucker knocked my dawnbringer to the back… I was not amused!


Understood, I was just pointing out that, whatever’s happening with the troops, Arena is ‘alive’, that is things like weapon frequencies are fluid and changing in ways predictable from events in the larger game.

Can we get some kind of response to this or the other thread? I’d find any of these to be super satisfactory:

  • “Hmm, I’m going to ask around and answer this by Friday.”
  • “Oh shoot, yeah, we forgot to add Bright Forest and Shentang troops. That takes some effort to decide which ones should be added so please give us 3-4 weeks.”
  • “Actually, we intentionally decided not to add any Shentang or Bright Forest troops, we don’t feel any of them add significant value to Arena.”

I have seen and used Merlantis troops and one stands out as a very good choice. It’d be nice to see what the two new kingdoms might have to offer for Arena strategy.

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I am also eagerly waiting for a response to this too; looking for something else to do and I think Arena’s the way to go. Just to be clear, the troops you select for the Common / Rare / Ultra-Rare spots; are they pulled from ALL available C/R/UR troops, or from a subset? Or am I just asking the same question as you are, thus creating an infinite unanswerable loop and dooming the universe?

It’s a subset, I don’t know if there’s a list of what’s available but I think someone made one one time. I think the idea is there are a handful of troops in each rarity that are actually a bit unfairly above the average power curve, so the set of Arena troops is curated. If I’m wrong, well, it’s news to me.

That’s slightly different from my question. Let’s time-travel to a few months ago, when there were 3 fewer kingdoms in the game. Merlantis didn’t exist, so no troops from Merlantis were in it. Then, Merlantis released. At some point after that, Kuotani was added to the Arena pool of troops, and it was actually a pretty dang good troop for beating Dawnbringer teams.

But also since then, the kingdoms Shentang and Bright Forest have been released. But none of those troops seem to be appearing in Arena pools. So I’m asking if that’s intentional. It could be!

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More troops will appear in Arena with 3.4 update.


If you guys don’t stop I’m going to run out of issues I care about :angry:

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Been waiting for that. :smile:

They used to be added each week as soon as they were released.
Except when you forgot to add them from time to time.
Las year they have only been added after we asked many times on the forum or sent tickets.
And now there has been no update for 6 months and you are talking about adding them in 3.4.
What changed? What makes that they are not added each week anymore?

Maybe Unity?

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